Monday, September 04, 2006

Hello! It's been wow almost a month since I've last updated this thing. Some things have happened in the past month but to be honest not many things are coming to mind right now. A lot of the usual work week filled with Sea Dubs stories, and lunches with Sagar, K Beater and Marky Mark. Snack was very good last week though as we had WINGS!!! It probably isn't a good sign that my most memorable experience of the week was having wings at work. This weekend was kind of a let down, as nothing exciting really happened. Went out Thursday and Friday and neither night was really any good, especially Friday. Saturday and Sunday nights were nights hanging out with the neighborhood crew which was pretty enjoyable but yeah we didn't really go out so nothing too exciting. We did play 24 (I think) games of asshole though one of the nights and some guitar hero too which is fun.

I really think most of my life is boring me. It seems like its the same kind of weekends every weekend, which means going out to Oneils every Friday and Saturday night and spending most of my weeknights just watching TV and stuff. Summer's winding down so bars probably will be less busy and less people I know there. While most of my friends are done with school some of them still have left which isn't all that fun.

Another thing is that just people have been frustrating the hell out of me lately. I don't know why but it seems like people just come and go whenever and it just has me thinking like "what the hell is going on" sometimes. I also feel like for the most part most people I chat with don't really like talking to me as much as I like talking to them. Which is probably partly true and partly due to me being insecure, so some combination of the two.

I'll stop with all that though because I don't want this to turn into a whiney post, those really aren't very fun to read. My birthday is coming up soon which is fun stuff. 3 weeks from today to be exact and while I don't know what I'm doing for it, I'm sure there will be some bar trip with friends so hopefully people who read this can come whenever/wherever we decide to go. The more the merrier! I'm already looking forward to getting AD Season 3 and Lost Season 2 on DVD. Oh that reminds me, if anybody has Entourage Seasons 1,2 or Nip/Tuck whatever seasons they started on til present on DVD do you think I could borrow them??? Thanks!!! (if I can borrow them, if you have them and I can't you're a bag of douche).

As for the future of this blog, it's in jeopardy right now. Every so often I just really have little desire to update this on a regular basis. It's more because I never get any feedback or comments about anything I write and it's like what's the point if most likely very few people read this. So if you do (and hopefully you enjoy it), let me know so I can at least know someone enjoys reading them. I'll admit my humor has declined since I started these and they used to be a lot more upbeat, but hey life seems to be kicking me in the balls often so they haven't been so positive. Anyway, I'm going to go and probably do a whole lot of nothing. Though I am happy to be enjoying a work-free Labor Day and this will only be a 4-day week which is a good thing. So til next time (if there is one!), leave some comments or at least let me know you read this! Thanks!


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Dont be insecure, you're "New England's Rising Star"!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!


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