Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What's up my (3 or 4) loyal readers! Tuesday afternoon and I have about 3 hours to kill so I figure I could get a good 20-30 minutes writing a blog. Still doing training stuff at work which means 1 or 2 sessions during the day and pretty much sitting around doing nothing. Sometimes people will give me little things to do that I've learned in training stuff. I did something like 4 myspace surveys yesterday killing time. And me and my new bff (not bffl) Kaitlyn exchange emails throughout the day on how bored we are and when we complete more surveys. So I mean I'm getting paid for doing very little work but at the same time I'm kind of bored. I'm sure once I'm done with training I won't have time for blogging and myspacing during the day.

The past week was pretty good. The Mariners have been on a TEAR...they've won something like 9 of their last 11 and are only 3.5 games out of first. Which leaves a small piece of hope which will ultimately lead to even bigger disappointment. This past weekend was pretty good as well...drank Friday night, drank Saturday night, drank Sunday afternoon (well only like 3 beers). Friday me, Ant, Tuba, and Janice went to O'neils and there were lots of people there so it was a fun night. Same with Saturday night, only this time I started off the night with Lost at Laurie's, then went out with her and her sister to Black Bear. Was kind of sucky there so we went to O'neils and all the cool peeps were there as usual, got 2 drinks on the house for being so cool (or maybe just cuz they ran out of Kahlua, probably my fault haha).

Sunday was Shaunzie's grad party. Me and John played some beer pong and played pretty well sans John allowing the other team to make it into the cup in his hand and making us lose the game instantly. We played a massive kickball game with like 7 people on each team which was really fun. I would like this summer to be the summer of kickball...let's make it happen guys and girls! Sunday night we played some volleyball at the beach for a few hours, then more volleyball at the beach last night til midnight. Pretty good exercise playing for a few hours each time, well more exercise than I'd get sitting on my bed watching TV like I probably would have done last night.

Tonight is poker night so there's 10 bucks gone already haha. Tomorrow night (as of about 2 min ago) I'll be going to a Bluefish game. Someone at the office had free tickets so I was like sure why not? I got 2 tix and I just sent a text to Tuba to see if he wants to go...if he can't though they're up for anyone who wants to go. Well as long as I like you that is. I can't say I know who's on the team or who they're playing but hey it's a baseball game and it's nice weather out lately (hopefully tomorrow). Then I can still get time in home to catch the Mariners game at 10! Double baseball day! Thursday is up in the air but maybe just stay home and seems like each day is full of stuff and I might just need a night to chill out before the weekend. Kim's havin a lil thing with smoothies (with booze in them!) and aqua massages Friday night. I'm looking forward to the weekend, too bad it's only Tuesday.

Oh I almost forgot, I had an award winning performance in my brother's business project for school. I was "the deputy", and AND1 street baller who (with the power of the Bear Accessories Headband) turned into a ballin' machine. Highlights include me kicking the ball into the hoop, making a shot while driving my car, and tripping and hitting my face on a stack of old fences. I'll try and get it posted on youtube sometime this week, it should be very entertaining. I look ridiculous in it, I have a shirt that is far too tight for public eye but eh who cares it's funny as hell.

Ok well time to find some other means of killing time, hope whoever reading this isn't as bored as I am today! Later.


At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope I get to go to the game with you tomorrow!!!


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