Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So here I begin a next phase in my life...

It's Tuesday late afternoon and I'm 2 days away from starting my new job, which is my first "real job" as they call it. I'm a little nervous but I think that I'll do a good job at this place once I get comfortable. It always takes a while to fit it when you're one of the new employees, but apparently they hired 3 other people at the same time so I won't be the only newbie. Anyway, in these past few days I've been feeling like more of an "adult" thinking about this job. I mean I guess we all have to grow up at some point in our lives, well I don't think I ever will all the way, but at least in an occupational sense. I'm still working on writing a play about the Wonkas invading Hershey Park in a ridiculous story so I've definitely not matured too much. But yea, all in all I am looking forward to starting on Thursday, time to "get my shit together" as they say. So, now it's so long NHS with your "jump-offs" and "no homo" was definitely an interesting experience working there. Some of the classes were fun when the kids were cool, but in others they were filled with douchebags who acted like 5 year old assholes (sadly I could not call them this or may have been fired). And now I have some of them as myspace buds (a bit much in that it looks like I'm a pedophile, but I promise I'm not!).

So let's see what this past weekend brought me...a lot of drinking apparently. Sadly this is taking me some time to sort out what I did each night, so I'm gonna work backwards. So yesterday (Memorial Day) we had a bbq at our house with some family over, played some wiffle ball and had some frozen drinks. It was a pretty nice day out so it was good and relaxing. Last night kicked off volleyball spring/summer league '06. We played a bunch of games and I only ended up losing twice. We had back-to-back shutouts at one point beacause we had such a nasty team. So it was good to get back into that...even though I jammed one of my fingers which is now kinda swelled up. That was fun times though, hope to play fairly often this summer, but not sure how much energy I'll have at night with 40 hour work weeks and all.

Sunday was a bbq at the Kress household celebrating Laurie graduating from teacher's college stuff (yay for math teachers!). Her friends from school were pretty cool, we played mini-golf, visited the world's largest dairy store and a few of us went to O'neils. I thought there might be more people barring the night before Memorial Day but it was pretty dead that night. It was still a good time though, and big Steve DDed for us which was clutch. Don't drink and drive kids! Ok now back to, Tuba, Ant, and Janice went to O'neils and Crissy and Nicole were there and then other people showed up throughout the night as usual. Oh and Janice made me a nice "You're the Best Pete" lil drawing on a napkin with crayons which I'll use to boost my self esteem on sad days!

Oh now I remember Friday night!!! This was the craziest night of the weekend, but it seemed so long ago I thought it was last weekend! So me, Tuba, and Jeff went over to Adam's (and Tom and Craig and Chris) place. We ended up staying there and not going out to Sono. Some of the highlights are as follows:

--Craig and Adam almost going into fisticuffs
--Learning that Phil is a "top 5 partier"
--Adam's sister Annie somehow cutting her hand open and getting 5 stitches
--Jeff and Craig's sister (I wanna see her name's Lisa) driving to Port Chester at like 1 am to go get more beer, only to come back when no one was really drinking anymore
--Me and Jeff kicking ass in beer pong using our super psych-out techniques
--Me not drinking White Russians (I don't know how I did it), instead going with cranberry-vodkas and beer all night
--Us getting rear-ended in Jeff's car while waiting for our food at McDonald's by a lady who looked like 60 or something at 3 am, and then Jeff getting out of the car and screaming at her, yelling "What are you fucking drunk??" at her repeatedly.

All-in-all, a more exciting weekend than I thought. Ok so this blog has taken me way too long to write so I'm not writing anymore. Poker tonight, probably gonna lose, huzzah! Catch all y'all later, wish me luck for Thursday!


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