Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So remember that time that I was subbing and I'd have nothing to do so I'd write blog entries. Well apparently now that I finished all the reading stuff (and some homework!) for work I have about 2 hours before time to go home and I have nothing to do until my training session sometime tomorrow morning. This is day 4 of work (I started last Thursday) and so far so good. It only takes about 15 min to get to work, since I'm going against all the NYC traffic. I got a pretty kick ass window view of the creek here (much nicer when the tide is high, when it's low it looks a bit dirtier and you can see the tire that just sits in the middle for some reason. I'm currently rockin out (at a low level of course as not to disturb others) to my iPod. I share the office with Amilcar, who is also my "mentor". A lot of "Lost" and "Snakes on a Plane" chatting going on in this office, which is always enjoyable. There were talks of going to this guy Adam's house for DDR during lunch break yesterday, but it didn't happen...I was disappointed not to be able to dance (dance revolution) during my lunch break. Apparently there's a ton of food places around too...I've eaten out all 4 days (Roly Poly's today, which was delicious as always). So yea, I'm still training so it's giving me some free time to blog and whatnot (I think that's one word?).

(I use parentheses a lot apparently)

So as for non-work related life, I haven't really written anything new since I started. This past weekend was so-so. Friday night Nicole had a party at her house, which was supposed to be Hawaiian themed, but ended up just being a keg party. I drank a decent amount of Jager and beer there before we decided to head down to Sono, probably around midnight. Surprisingly we hit up O'niels downtown and I (again surprisingly) went back to my beloved White Russians. So yea it was a pretty fun night, but I ended up paying for it a bit on Saturday not feelin so hot. Not that I drank THAT much, but I think the combinations of those different drinks, especially the Jager put a beating on my stomach and such. So Saturday was chill (I got out of the house once, to go to Duchess with Karen), as was Sunday. There was a retirement party for Judi at church, which was kinda sad. A lot of good times at St. Jerome's and Emmaus (not really mass-related but oh well). Oh and Sunday night watched Lost with Laurie. It was the same episode that was on Wednesday night, EP 201 Man of Faith, Man of Science...I'm not a Lost nerd or anything.

Last night I hung out with Kristin, who's moving to North Carolina later this week, which is sad. I guess the more time passes the more friends will be moving away and stuff like that. Hopefully I won't be stuck in Connecticut all my life, but things could be worse, I could live in Eastern CT with all fun farm land and frog bridges and that kind of nonsense. But yea, I guess we're all growing up and having careers and stuff. I haven't worked on "The Chocolate War II" in a while, although I suppose I could work on that for a while to kill some time. I don't think I should show too many people at work how much of a weirdo I am haha. So as for the rest of the week, I got poker tonight, karaoke tomorrow night maybe? I want to start going back to that but it depends how tired I am when I get home and if there's anything else going on. Getting home around 630 doesn't leave much time to get things done before any nighttime activities. Thursday is who knows, as is most of the weekend. Shaun's having a grad party on Sunday which should be fun.

That's about all for now. I'll see how the rest of this week and next week go in regards to how much work I'll be doing. If I still have a lot of free time, maybe some more entries on here. There were some funny things that happened during the week but to be honest I can't really remember what they were. I should really write this stuff down when it happens since when I update weekly or what not I always forget half the shit that's happened and it turns into a lame-ass blog entry. Alright well back to work...only 95 min left! Lataaa.


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