Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hello all!

I haven't gotten around to posting lately (as usual actually), but today's slow at work and I want to kill some time. It's looking more like these blogs might only be once every few weeks or so which I guess is ok. The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. A few weeks ago I went into NYC for Laurie's bday celebration and lucky me they had a digital jukebox at the bar. So I put in about 10 dollars worth and pretty much DJ'ed a majority of the night. There was a lot of singing and dancing that night to say the least! So that was a fun night.

The next weekend I had some celebrations for my birthday with a trip to the casino Friday night, and drinking at my house then O'neils on Saturday night. I drank a lot. It was cool to see a bunch of my Uconn friends that weekend. Murph, Jenna, John, and Tim all came to the casino. Steve came down Saturday night. Then I saw Shaun and Jay on Wednesday for the Lost premiere (then again the next week when we went to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter at Toad's Place). Other people attended festivities to, so thanks Laurie, Karen, Jeff, Ant, Such, Tuba, Colleen, Michelle, Anthony, Ron, and Jeff B for coming out! I think that's everyone, sorry if I left anyone out! So that was fun. Tuba won 600 at the casino while I lost 90. It wasn't that busy there, and we had like 5 of us at a $6 blackjack table all at the same time, which was fun even though Laurie was heckling the dealer. Didn't get home til around 4 that night but it was a pretty good night, and good to see everybody. Saturday was some beer pong, Guitar Hero, and NHL '07 at my house for a few hours and then going to the bar afterwards. I drank beer most of the night, which allowed me to take lots of different shots including Jager, Jagerbombs, and Tequila (which I NEVER drink). I guess shots don't really mix well with White Russians because I would most definitely have puked if I was drinking those. That was a fun night and I didn't have too much of a hangover the next day which was enjoyable.

This past weekend we went out to Blackbear because Crissy was home and some other Uconn gals came down. Ended up seeing a lot of other people I knew there and found out Phil had our tickets to the Jets-Fins game that we're going to this Sunday which should be awesome (as long as they don't get killed). Saturday was a bit random, as my friend Jen from Uconn didn't have much going on so she came down for the night. We hit up SoNo as usual and we had a good time singing and dancing at the Loft to the great sounds of Fake ID (who by the way, shouted me out in their myspace blog for requesting Journey).

Went to comedy show Monday night in New Haven which was hilarious. I even got a DVD signed which was pretty balla. I'm sure there's been a lot more that's happened in the past few weeks but these are the events that stuck out in my head so I'm writing about them.

As for what's going on with me currently, I guess it's the same old stuff. Working most of the time, playing poker Tuesday nights, Lost on Wednesdays and assorted Happy Hours thrown in. Weekends you can usually find me somewhere in SoNo drinking. I'm now 23 years of age and really don't feel any different. Going from 22 to 23 isn't really a monumental age change, but I guess I'm getting older. Fun stuff. So yeah, not a whole lot going on differently from past months. I'm looking forward to the game Sunday, Halloween, Knicks home opener (Nov 4!!!!), and Thanksgiving "break" (hey 2 days of paid vacation will be quite enjoyable). Starting to get colder out, but still pretty nice, especially this past Monday was crazy nice out.

Alright, well seeing as I'm talking about the weather it seems like I don't have much left to talk about. I always try and push myself to do more entries (even if they're shorter) but I'm so lazy and I never get around to it. Usually when I have something to complain about or am really happy about something I'll do those blogs right away. So hopefully I'll be really pissed or really happy sometime soon to get another entry going.

So til next time, laterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Holy Land USA

Four friends take a trip to Holy Land USA, an abandoned and now vandalized Christian theme park, in Waterbury, CT.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hello! It's been wow almost a month since I've last updated this thing. Some things have happened in the past month but to be honest not many things are coming to mind right now. A lot of the usual work week filled with Sea Dubs stories, and lunches with Sagar, K Beater and Marky Mark. Snack was very good last week though as we had WINGS!!! It probably isn't a good sign that my most memorable experience of the week was having wings at work. This weekend was kind of a let down, as nothing exciting really happened. Went out Thursday and Friday and neither night was really any good, especially Friday. Saturday and Sunday nights were nights hanging out with the neighborhood crew which was pretty enjoyable but yeah we didn't really go out so nothing too exciting. We did play 24 (I think) games of asshole though one of the nights and some guitar hero too which is fun.

I really think most of my life is boring me. It seems like its the same kind of weekends every weekend, which means going out to Oneils every Friday and Saturday night and spending most of my weeknights just watching TV and stuff. Summer's winding down so bars probably will be less busy and less people I know there. While most of my friends are done with school some of them still have left which isn't all that fun.

Another thing is that just people have been frustrating the hell out of me lately. I don't know why but it seems like people just come and go whenever and it just has me thinking like "what the hell is going on" sometimes. I also feel like for the most part most people I chat with don't really like talking to me as much as I like talking to them. Which is probably partly true and partly due to me being insecure, so some combination of the two.

I'll stop with all that though because I don't want this to turn into a whiney post, those really aren't very fun to read. My birthday is coming up soon which is fun stuff. 3 weeks from today to be exact and while I don't know what I'm doing for it, I'm sure there will be some bar trip with friends so hopefully people who read this can come whenever/wherever we decide to go. The more the merrier! I'm already looking forward to getting AD Season 3 and Lost Season 2 on DVD. Oh that reminds me, if anybody has Entourage Seasons 1,2 or Nip/Tuck whatever seasons they started on til present on DVD do you think I could borrow them??? Thanks!!! (if I can borrow them, if you have them and I can't you're a bag of douche).

As for the future of this blog, it's in jeopardy right now. Every so often I just really have little desire to update this on a regular basis. It's more because I never get any feedback or comments about anything I write and it's like what's the point if most likely very few people read this. So if you do (and hopefully you enjoy it), let me know so I can at least know someone enjoys reading them. I'll admit my humor has declined since I started these and they used to be a lot more upbeat, but hey life seems to be kicking me in the balls often so they haven't been so positive. Anyway, I'm going to go and probably do a whole lot of nothing. Though I am happy to be enjoying a work-free Labor Day and this will only be a 4-day week which is a good thing. So til next time (if there is one!), leave some comments or at least let me know you read this! Thanks!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello loyal readers. It's been about a month since I've written, I don't know why it's been so long, perhaps nothing interesting has happened. Anyway, I don't feel like recapping the whole month so I'll just go over the vacation I had for the past week or so and as to what the near future brings (lots of good stuff actually!).

So last Friday me and the fam (plus grandma!) headed down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit the cousins for a few days before going to the Dominican Republic on Monday. This short stay was mostly filled with me and the brothers playing Guitar Hero for hours, swimming in their pool (and making my little cousin cry by shooting him in the eye with a water gun), going out to eat, and watching an instructional magic dvd. Oh and there was also Bob doing shots with boxer/cousin(well his son is my cousin) Shannon Briggs and then throwing up all morning. Provided some solid entertainment. I now plan on purchasing Guitar Hero sometime in the near future, it's crazy fun and they have some great songs on there, including one of my all time favorites Ziggy Stardust. Also learned some quality magic tricks from Magic Frank including "talking crayon" and "how sweet it is". If you're lucky enough, perhaps I can dazzle you with either one of these phenomenal tricks. So that about sums up the stay down there, it was relaxing and it was a nice place to stay so it was enjoyable there.

So then we get to the more interesting tales, starting at the airport on Monday morning. So apparently my dad's birth certificate was missing a seal, as it was on his hospital form or some nonsense. Long story short was that basically he couldn't get into the DR unless he went and got a new passport which would've delayed him until at least the next day of getting there. So mom starts crying and it's kind of becoming a scene...freakin drama I tell ya! Eventually some guy there says he knows one of the people down there and just tells us to see them and it'll be ok. We end up taking a flight 2 hours later since the hold up made us miss the earlier one and get down there a bit later but at least still the same day. Also of note was that it was pretty easy to get in, nobody made a big deal of the certificate so essentially we could've gotten in just fine anyway, but overall at least we didn't lose the day. And mom has complained about this at least 10 times since it has happened. Which reminds me, I shall be having a special guest blogger sometime this week as mother kept a running journal of the vacation which I will publish later this week for you all to enjoy. Should be an interesting read.

As for the time in the DR, the first few days were filled with mostly going to the beach and pool areas and having some (FREE) drinks. There was a casino there and I lost probably about 200 or so bucks the first 4 nights, which was kind of a bummer, but I was drinking lots for free so the losses weren't as bad. I talked to some girls down there for a bit but you know my luck nothing happened with any of them. Well most girls down there were with somebody anyway so it wasn't as easy as it had seemed. I was kinda bummed about that but alas I shall live. I drank a bit much one night and had a nice hangover most of one of the days. We played volleyball that day on the beach and some highlights was me and the two brothers playing with like 2 7 yr old kids against pretty much all adults. And later when the teams were switched up Jeff spiked the crap out of the ball into some kids face ahaha. I applauded it. I should also mention the place we stayed in was BOMB. We had a freakin jacuzzi in our room, and I spent the first night there drunk, watching the Mariners game in the jacuzzi, does it really get much better than that? I also started watching this show Lucky Louie on HBO which is pretty funny and if you have HBO you should check it out. There was a karaoke appearance by me one of the nights where I sang Tiny Dancer and The Humpty Dance, where I got a good ovation from the crowd which was appreciated.

On Thursday it was rainy off and on so I spent that time checkin the email and surfin the web for a bit. I managed to locate the gym at the resort and did some treadmilling for about 45. I know it's not much but I was glad to do SOME exercise on my vacation. I'm actually going to try going to the gym in Fairfield after work some days since I haven't gone in about a month. I probably won't get home til about 7 each day by doing this but it'd be better than waking up early in the morning to go. So we'll see how that goes. Friday was my favorite day of the trip, me, the brothers and pops went ATVing. It was a lot of fun riding those things and Jeff made a name for himself in the group by driving like a nut and eventually turning his ATV over onto him. Somebody had cut him off and he swerved out of the way and ran into a tree and the ATV went on top of him but luckily he was ok and was all laughed at later. There's also video footage of Bob going off the track at one point which I can try to get up on Youtube sometime. Friday night was another casino night and this time my luck changed and I ended up winning 70 bucks back. So for the week I probably lost about 100-150 which isn't that bad I guess spread out over 5 nights. So that was my favorite day.

We came back on Saturday and I'm not really tan but I'm not burnt either which is good since I usually get sun burnt more than I tan. Overall it was a pretty good trip, a few lowlights but that's to be expected. I got a Presidente t-shirt, which is the only beer they have there (I had about 25 or so on the trip). It was really nice weather down there and in Florida as opposed to the hella hot weather I heard was going on in CT last week. There's probably some more funny stories from the trip but it's hard to remember them all looking back after the whole thing. Perhaps mother's diary will include some stuff I forgot about.

So as to what's coming up in the future for me. In the distant future...about a month and 2 weeks I'll be turning 23 hooray! Nothing really planned and don't know if I'll be doing anything but hey it's a once a year thing and I'll find some way to have some fun. This Thursday me and Jeff (friend my age, not brother) are going to see the Roots and maybe some Uconn peeps will be meeting there as well which should be a kick ass concert. Also I'm going to see Dave Chapelle stand-up sometime this month with Amilcar and some peeps which should be fun. Some kick ass movies are coming out like SoaP and my most-anticipated movie in quite some time...BORAT which comes out in November or something, I cannot wait. I think I'm also going to go to a Bluefish game with Melissa sometime this week (we said maybe Wed or Thurs but now I remember I have the concert Thursday so maybe Wednesday) and hopefully she will not force me to eat a ridiculous amount of hot dogs like some of my so-called "friends" did last time I went.

So that's about it. I gotta get ready to get back to work tomorrow, and catch up on all the fun I missed at SSI this past week. I'll have pictures up at some point, as well as mom's diary and I'll put it in my profile as to when those have been added. Until then, enjoy this blog (well you already have read it so hopefully you enjoyED it)!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hello all, it's been a while since my last update. At work, I've been actually working now so I haven't really had time to do an entry there. I kinda miss just doing blogs, crosswords, sudokus and myspace surveys all day but it's good to finally be doing what they're paying me to do. That and the day goes by a lot faster when you're busy most of the day.

My 4th of July holiday was pretty good. I had a 4 day weekend and celebrated with drinkage and fireworks. Went to the beach the night of the fireworks and played some volleyball for a bit then stayed for the fireworks. A bunch of people went to Adam's afterwards cuz they had fireworks and a keg so that was a fun night. It probably would have been more fun had I not had flying ants crawling all over me half the night but it was still a good time. As for the actual 4th, I just hung out around the house relaxing. The fam went to a BBQ but I was content just bummin around and then setting off some fireworks of my own that night.

The work week went quick since it was only 3 days, definitely have some interesting people at work these days haha. Thursday night me, Tuba, Jeff, Sam, and Dan partied down in Stamford which was pretty fun and Sam made a lady friend that nice so good for him. Apparently I had more drinks than I should have that night which led to me not feeling too hot most of Friday at work, especially with the fire alarm that got set off by somebody burning a bagel on the first floor. Snack > Bagels. I still didn't feel too great so I stayed in Friday night and watched the Mariners game. It seems everytime I start getting excited about this team doing well they nose dive and lose like 5 in a row. A little consistency would be appreciated guys!

Yesterday I went to Kaitlyn's birthday/graduation party up in Clinton (like the president), which is like an hour away. It was pretty fun, but I didn't really know anybody so at times I kind of felt out of place. Played some bocce though as well as volleyball and whiffle ball. I managed to sneak some of my own songs from my iPod on too which was enjoyable (well for me at least). Towards the end of the night/early morning I couldn't really sleep, people were talking and I couldn't get comfortable so I ended up driving home around 5 am. A combination of stopping drinking around 1 and drinking like 4 bottles of water sobered me up so I was ok to drive home. It was actually really nice driving that time of the day with very few people on the road and the sun just starting to come up. I feel like it relieved some stress.

So that brings us to today. My day started by being ignored by like the first 5 people I tried IMing...that's always fun. I LOVE when people ignore me...sigh. Now I'm watching the World Cup's currently 1-1. I don't know what I'm doing the rest of the day, possibly playing volleyball at some point. I'm kind of tired though not getting much sleep last night, I slept from around 6-12. Work week starts tomorrow hooray! But it's almost pay day and Amilcar will be back tomorrow which is good because I've been bored in the office by myself, not as many shenanigans when you're alone.

Things are kind of up and down lately. Some days have been really good, while others just remind me of how lonely I get. I try not to be pessimistic but at times it just seems like I'm going to be single forever. For the most part work is keeping me busy to keep my mind off of things but every now and then I just reflect upon how things are in my life and I can't help but feel disappointed. Weekends seem to be the same, usually going to O'neils or something in Sono to see the same people every week. It seems like a rare occurence when something new happens in my life. Meeting people at work I think is a good thing though. Since graduating college it's not so easy meeting new friends. I still get caught up on the past sometimes which is terrible to do but I can't help it, certain things just bring up old memories.

Sorry for the kind of depressing last paragraph but I'm just kind of blah right now. The game just hit halftime and still 1-1. I'm going to try and find something useful to do instead of just sitting here writing this but odds are I'll just finish this up and sit here watching the game/sitting at my laptop. Nothing really exciting coming up this week, but vacation is only a few weeks away so that should be nice and relaxing. It's nice to just get away from home for a bit. Ok, well that's about all for now. I don't know when the next update will be since I work at work now, but I'd guess that it'd be in 1-2 weeks. Later peeps.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's been about a week since I've updated so I think it might be a good time to get an entry in. A little more than an hour of work left and for the most part I've been busy actually doing stuff today. I got my first projects all done and shipped so I feel some sense of accomplishment. But now I'm just waiting to see how all the surveys do which is fun to see how many people just decide not to do them!

This past weeks been not too eventful. Last Tuesday's poker game I finished in 3rd place which won me my money back (out of 11 people I think). This Tuesday I didn't do as well and finished 6th out of 8 people. Last Wednesday us work people played Ultimate Frisbee at some nearby field and well let's just say I was awful. My back was in pain a few minutes into the game making running not only tiring but increasinly painful. It's fun to think back to when I used to play every night during the summer with enough energy to run around for an hour or two non-stop. There's a game tomorrow night I believe so I'll give it another go maybe I can atually not be terrible this time.

This weekend wasn't very eventful, nobody seemed to want to do too much or go out or anything. Me and Karen ended up driving around for a bit Friday night until one of her friends called her since he was going down to Sono. So we met up with him and his friend and had a few drinks at Donovans then at O'neils. Ended up being kinda fun but had to make it an early night since Karen had to work on Saturday. Saturday night nobody seemed to want to do anything again so Ant, Sal, Such, and Matt came over along with some of Jeff's friends and we drank and played video games all night. It was pretty fun having 8 players all playing Fifa at once though with the 2 multi-taps hooked up! I finally hit up the gym Sunday afternoon after taking about 2 weeks off. It's hard making time to go the gym while working every day 9-6 especially since I usually do stuff at night.

This week I went out to ice cream and drink (just 1) with Brittany, who I hadn't seen in a while and she's going up to Syracuse for an internship next week so I wanted to see her before she left. I've just noticed that the amount of female friends I have around Norwalk these days is quite smaller than I used to have, which kind of sucks. Last night was poker (see above!) and tonight I'll be maybe getting my hair cut, then watching the NBA Draft to hear the NY fans boo everything that goes on. Oh and I also need to get my laundry done too, can't forget about that! Tomorrow night is Frisbee again as long as the weather's ok then I don't know what for the weekend. I think Friday night might be an O'niels night since Crissy is leaving for Japan soon. I have a 4 day weekend though which is kick ass. Would anybody be interested in a casino trip Sunday night??

So that's my week in review. I've been keeping busy which is good because I get bored kind of easily. It'll be nice to get to relax though this weekend and catch up on some sleep. I was exhausted this morning when my alarm went off. The damn Mariners games don't end til like 1 am so I don't really get to bed early. But they finally hit .500! And they're only 3 games out of first in their division so maybe there's a chance meaningful games will take place post-All Star Break this year for the first time in a while!

I've been looking to buy a David Brent quotes poster for the office which would be kick ass. The only problem is the poster doesn't show up very big in the picture so you can't tell what quotes they are. I'll probably still buy it anyway though. I got some clothes at AE this weekend online since it's easier than going out and buying it at a store. Apparently working a full time job doesn't allow you much time during the day to get things done like go clothes shopping, go to the bank, or hit up the gym. Well I'm going to go do a Sudoku or something (maybe ask somebody for some work to be given to me), so I shall wrap it up. Leave comments because it's the cool thing to do these days. Finito.

>:4 8 15 16 23 42

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Only 2 1/2 hours to go (with pretty much nothing to do until then)! So the weekend (plus Monday) has come and gone and now it's Tuesday afternoon. The weekend was pretty good. Me and Tuba went up to "D-Town" to the Back Shack for rum/vodka smoothies with Kim and some of the Uconn girls. I had an aqua massage which felt pretty good, but I regret not having it pound me harder (that sounds dirty) as I was rockin out to some Bob Marley. After that we went to some nearby bar for drinks, but since I had to drive home I took it easy. Although not to worry we got to drive from Danbury to Monroe with no top on the Jeep so it was freezing, that would've sobered me up anyway! So yea, good to see some people I haven't seen in a while.

Saturday night was chillin with Such playing Timesplitters til about midnight then going out to O'neils (and tried to get into Black Bear for free unsuccessfully) with Ant Jeff and Rachel (who I had met Spring Weekend quite informally haha). So it was an alright night out in Sono, O'neils was freakin hot in there and not many people I knew were out. We went back to Adam's afterwards for more drinking (more dominance by me in Pong...I've been on a hot streak lately) and dancing and what not. Didn't get home til around 3:30/4ish...bit of a late night, which was reflected in me sleeping until 1 the next day.

Monday was Monday, but pretty hilarious shit at work including people being told their Father's Day (and much more!) was ruined and other people backing up the system with 3000 extensions sent out. I'll be nice and leave out names. Today has been kinda boring-ish. Sadly did not go to Roly Poly's as anticipated, but did draw some new things on the dry erase board, which is always fun. Tonight is poker night and tomorrow playing frisbee with some peeps from work, so the weeks picking up a little bit in terms of being busy.

So let's see if there's anything to talk about. Not really, haha. I actually watched like the first full soccer game in my entire life on Saturday (USA-Italy), and it was actually pretty entertaining. It now jumps past hockey in terms of crappy sports into decent watchability. Well the World Cup anyway, that MLS stuff is godawful. The Finals have been going on and I've been rooting for Dallas so of course at this point they're losing the series. I've been watching this British show "Spaced" (I may have mentioned it before in a previous blog) lately, and it's really hilarious. They make a lot of references to The Shining, Star Wars, and the A-Team among things. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead are in it, and it seems that Ricky Gervais makes a guest appearance in the next season (I have them all on my computer) so that should be kick ass.

Time's kind of been flying by, especially the weekend seem to go by ridiculously quick. It's almost July now and before you know it I'll be turning 23 in September...oh man I'm getting old way too fast. Things in July include 3 and 4 off for the holiday, going to a M's-Yanks game with Tuba in the middle of the month, then going to the Dominican Republic with the fam (plus grandma!) at the end of the month. I have a feeling that this summer's going to go by really fast, and it kind of sucks when it's nice out being in an office til 6 every day of the week. But I do really enjoy the rides to/from work with the windows down, enjoying the nice weather and listening to my music (and singing along) at a loud volume.

I feel I'm not as insightful as I used to be. I think that I used to write more opinionated entries, rather than just recapping the week's activities. I guess I don't really feel passionate about anything at the moment and don't really have that much of an opinion on any particular topic to discuss. There's plenty that bothers the hell out of me, but most of it's just everyday life hassles that everybody goes through. Somedays I get home from work and really just don't feel like doing much of anything other than sitting on my bed, talking on AIM, and watching TV. I had something like 6 days in a row the other week where I was doing something every day/night and then when I finally got some time to just relax it was great. It's hard finding a nice medium of relaxation without getting bored.

So yeah that's about it for now. I don't know how I feel about this blog entry as a whole, it kind of turned into some rambling at the end, but hey it killed some time, and hopefully gave whoever's reading this something to do, maybe a laugh or two. I'll probably update later this week bitter about losing at poker and something about tomorrow's frisbee game. Lataaa.