Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Only 2 1/2 hours to go (with pretty much nothing to do until then)! So the weekend (plus Monday) has come and gone and now it's Tuesday afternoon. The weekend was pretty good. Me and Tuba went up to "D-Town" to the Back Shack for rum/vodka smoothies with Kim and some of the Uconn girls. I had an aqua massage which felt pretty good, but I regret not having it pound me harder (that sounds dirty) as I was rockin out to some Bob Marley. After that we went to some nearby bar for drinks, but since I had to drive home I took it easy. Although not to worry we got to drive from Danbury to Monroe with no top on the Jeep so it was freezing, that would've sobered me up anyway! So yea, good to see some people I haven't seen in a while.

Saturday night was chillin with Such playing Timesplitters til about midnight then going out to O'neils (and tried to get into Black Bear for free unsuccessfully) with Ant Jeff and Rachel (who I had met Spring Weekend quite informally haha). So it was an alright night out in Sono, O'neils was freakin hot in there and not many people I knew were out. We went back to Adam's afterwards for more drinking (more dominance by me in Pong...I've been on a hot streak lately) and dancing and what not. Didn't get home til around 3:30/4ish...bit of a late night, which was reflected in me sleeping until 1 the next day.

Monday was Monday, but pretty hilarious shit at work including people being told their Father's Day (and much more!) was ruined and other people backing up the system with 3000 extensions sent out. I'll be nice and leave out names. Today has been kinda boring-ish. Sadly did not go to Roly Poly's as anticipated, but did draw some new things on the dry erase board, which is always fun. Tonight is poker night and tomorrow playing frisbee with some peeps from work, so the weeks picking up a little bit in terms of being busy.

So let's see if there's anything to talk about. Not really, haha. I actually watched like the first full soccer game in my entire life on Saturday (USA-Italy), and it was actually pretty entertaining. It now jumps past hockey in terms of crappy sports into decent watchability. Well the World Cup anyway, that MLS stuff is godawful. The Finals have been going on and I've been rooting for Dallas so of course at this point they're losing the series. I've been watching this British show "Spaced" (I may have mentioned it before in a previous blog) lately, and it's really hilarious. They make a lot of references to The Shining, Star Wars, and the A-Team among things. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead are in it, and it seems that Ricky Gervais makes a guest appearance in the next season (I have them all on my computer) so that should be kick ass.

Time's kind of been flying by, especially the weekend seem to go by ridiculously quick. It's almost July now and before you know it I'll be turning 23 in September...oh man I'm getting old way too fast. Things in July include 3 and 4 off for the holiday, going to a M's-Yanks game with Tuba in the middle of the month, then going to the Dominican Republic with the fam (plus grandma!) at the end of the month. I have a feeling that this summer's going to go by really fast, and it kind of sucks when it's nice out being in an office til 6 every day of the week. But I do really enjoy the rides to/from work with the windows down, enjoying the nice weather and listening to my music (and singing along) at a loud volume.

I feel I'm not as insightful as I used to be. I think that I used to write more opinionated entries, rather than just recapping the week's activities. I guess I don't really feel passionate about anything at the moment and don't really have that much of an opinion on any particular topic to discuss. There's plenty that bothers the hell out of me, but most of it's just everyday life hassles that everybody goes through. Somedays I get home from work and really just don't feel like doing much of anything other than sitting on my bed, talking on AIM, and watching TV. I had something like 6 days in a row the other week where I was doing something every day/night and then when I finally got some time to just relax it was great. It's hard finding a nice medium of relaxation without getting bored.

So yeah that's about it for now. I don't know how I feel about this blog entry as a whole, it kind of turned into some rambling at the end, but hey it killed some time, and hopefully gave whoever's reading this something to do, maybe a laugh or two. I'll probably update later this week bitter about losing at poker and something about tomorrow's frisbee game. Lataaa.


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