Monday, May 15, 2006

Well it's actually been a pretty eventful past week since Monday's update. First of all, I FINALLY won at poker Tuesday night. I've been playing for a few weeks now and have pretty much been either getting knocked out early or just barely hanging around and gettin killed when the blinds go up. So I played a little more aggressive and accumulated most of the chips and was able to hold and win. So I'll go into tomorrow night's game as the returning champ...woohoo!

Wednesday was a new Lost, and man it's getting good. I know some people don't want me ruining anythng so I won't ruin anything here. But I can't wait for this week's show and then next week's season finale! Thursday was probably most of the week nights are.

Friday morning I had an interview at this place in Fairfield. It's a project manager for market research position and it pays better than some of the other positions I've interviewed for. The lady told me she "had a good feeling about me" and asked me if I'd be able to start in June so HOPEFULLY they'll offer me a job sometime this week. I'm trying to not be too hopeful but this seems like the best chance so far out of jobs I've interviewed for. So when I find out about that I'm sure I'll post something either really happy or pissed off.

Friday night was a mess haha. I went out with Ant, Sal, Janice, Karen, and Sarah to O'neils around 1030, after chillin at my house for a bit and enjoying 2 of my powerful white russians. So around 1130 or 12 they all left and I was like its far too early for me to be going home. So I met up with Jeff at the Loft and hung around with him and some people the rest of the night. Adam's sister Annie came to pick us up since none of us could drive home and when I was told to be careful not to break the tv I focused on the tv and ended up stepping on a mirror that I didn't even see on the ground and broke it. I felt terrible about it and I gave Annie some money to pay for it. Then later on at Adam's house this douchebag, I think his name was Josh or something, is trying to start a fight with people, and I'm pretty sure at one point he told me and Jeff if we missed a shot in beer pong that he would "slap the shit out of us". So yea this was fun having to try and calm this psycho kid down.

So my Saturday was pretty much f'ed by me being an idiot and not having lots and lots of water when I got home. So I felt crappy pretty much all day and ended up staying in Saturday night. I watched the Mariners win in extra innings by a Richie Sexson (FINALLY) home run. They've actually been playing well lately, and since the division sucks they're ony like 3.5 games out of first. Yesterday was Mother's Day and we went out to a late lunch and I had some delicious veal parm. OH and I also for the first time tried flan, and I'm not gonna lie it was pretty damn delicious. So for all of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of trying flan, I recommend it. I gave mom the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, some flowers, and a mix cd that was quite random, ranging from "Dance, Dance" and "Apache" to crappy 70s music.

In New York Knick world, it seems like they might be getting rid of Larry Brown. I think it might be a good idea, because even though they were awful last year and might not be one of the better teams, they still had far too much talent on the team to be the second worst team in the league, and go through 42 different starting lineups. I'm sorry but starting Mo Taylor and Malik Rose over Channing Frye??? I just hope there's some improvement next year and I hope that they'll let the young guys get some playing time and develop, and stop getting these crappy overpaid veterans.

So I don't know I have some other stuff on my mind but I think I'll leave that for another time. I need to get ready for lunch soon woohoo. Then I don't have a period 7 class today so I'll get to go home at 1:30. I've been working on "The Chocolate War 2", a sequel to a book that I never read. I assumed it was about Willy Wonka and company invading Hershey park, and when I was told it was not about that, I decided to write a play about that. I'd post it but someone might steal it and get rich off of my brilliant writing skills. But yea, if you ask me I'll show you because it's too damn funny to be kept a secret. Well I think it's funny. If you liked my Rocky 3.5, you'd probably like this too. Ok well time to go, leave comments!


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