Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Monday everyone! I have that usual Monday morning "actually awake" thing going on. I guess from being able to catch up on some sleep (hey sleeping from 2-12 is quite nice!), I have some energy right now, but usually about halfway through the day I'll crash from only having about 6 hours of sleep last night. Hopefully I'll make it to the gym before I go home and fall asleep for an hour or 2. Or I might wait and go tonight while I watch whatever game's on at whatever time I go. I watched the 4th quarter of the Mavs-Spurs game, and it seems to make my time running go quicker since I'm distracted. Plus I react to the game while running, so it's kind of humorous.

Well first things first, (surprisingly) I got an e-mail from the guy at that job I wanted in New Haven, and of course they offerred it to someone else...sigh. I spent first period today though looking up jobs, and I found about 5 jobs to send resumes to, and I brought copies of resumes and cover letters to school on my thumb drive so I'll try and do that throughout the course of the day when I'm not blogging or bothering (I mean IMing) people. Oh and if you get to my blog through my AIM profile, you've probably seen a link to some videos. I posted them up on youtube, and I think just by typing in mrbean259 in the search thing you'd be able to see them all. There are 2 videos of my grandmother dancing which would definitely be worth checking out. And some other videos of dancing and singing and fun stuff like that. I don't have any comments on there (gee just like on here!), so leave some if you enjoy the stuff.

This past weekend was alright, kind of relaxing too. Friday night looked like it was going to be a stay at home like a loser night since nobody seemed to want to go out. Around 10, Ant said that Tom was home, so I went out with Tom and Erin and we stopped by Adam's new place (which is actually a pretty cool hangout) then hit up some bars in Sono. I found Jenna (who seemingly was drinking throughout her entire softball game she played in earlier in the night) at Rattlesnake, and hung out there for a bit. It took forever to get drinks so I ended up getting 2 at once so I wouldn't hafta get in line again. The beverages of choice for the night were Bud Lights, Margaritas, White Russians, and Jager Bombs (which I puked up, then went back to my White Russians since apparently shots don't work well with milk-based alcoholic beverages). So yea, stopped by O'neils that night too, the usual people around there. Hung out at Adam's a little bit after, and then went to McDonald's but apparently they only serve their value meals at 3 am and we couldn't order from the dollar menu. Duchess however allowed me to get a delicious bbq bacon cheeseburger, which was superior to McDonald's anyway.

Saturday I didn't feel too hot, and actually stayed in Sat night. I might've gone out had anyone called me to say they were doing stuff, but I didn't mind just chillin and watchin some tv. 2 notes on the tv of the night:

1) Game 7 of the Lakers-Suns series was awful. The way the other games went, no way would I be thinking I'd shut it off halfway through the third to go play Madden instead (I lost the Super Bowl to Jeff 31-14 or was closer than the score indicates, but yet another let down for my once proud Dolphins).

2) Saturday Night Live is pretty awful. Tom Hanks was hosting so I thought it'd be decent, but yea not so much. I had a few laughs here and there, but really nothing I would consider really funny. Good thing there's re-runs on E! from when it was better.

I'm sure Sunday was boring and chilled out around the house...I did go to the gym though so that was good, and I got to watch the Mariners once again put up no offense, and lose 2-0. This week I don't have too much planned, probably the usual Tuesday night poker game. Friday I might be going to a Yankee game, not sure yet. Saturday hopefully will be casino trip...I need to contact a few people first to see if they still wanna go. I haven't been there in a while, so it'll be fun to be reminded of what it's like to lose money.

I almost forgot, but congrats to all my Uconn friends who graduated yesterday. I think I might actually be friends with more people graduating this year than last year when I graduated. And also to other people at other schools (I'm not sure when your graduation ceremonies are), congrats as well! I hope to be attending lots of graduation parties this summer!

Ok, well I'm gonna go finish up High Fidelity now (I only got 10 pages left woo hoo!). Yasin let me borrow a book she said is good, I can't remember the title off hand, but it has a funny picture on the cover where it looks like a princess has tuberculosis. So that will be next on my reading binge I've been on the last few months. Kinda sucks that if I do actually get a real job I probably won't spend as much time reading anymore. Hmm maybe once the pool opens up I can chill on a raft or something and read in the nice summer weather. So that's pretty much bringing everything up to date. Depending on the classes I have this week (and if anything actually happens) will dictate when I update again. I feel like all I pretty much do is re-cap my week in here and I'd like to do more opinion entries, but I don't know what to write about or more importantly if it would be enjoyable to read. I could easily go off and write a tremendous amount about the Mariners, but I mean who is gonna actually enjoy reading about a team they probably haven't watched once this season. So if anyone has ideas on things they'd like to see me write about be my guest. I'll give a recommendation for a few songs that I've downloaded lately though before I go, so if you don't already have these you should get them, cuz they're freakin good (I can send them to you if you want):

Boston - Foreplay/Long Time
The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip - Galvanize
Knarls Barkley - Crazy
Beach Boys - Sloop John B
Poison - Talk Dirty To Me
"Big Ed" Nelson - Pickup Truck


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