Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hello all, it's been a while since my last update. At work, I've been actually working now so I haven't really had time to do an entry there. I kinda miss just doing blogs, crosswords, sudokus and myspace surveys all day but it's good to finally be doing what they're paying me to do. That and the day goes by a lot faster when you're busy most of the day.

My 4th of July holiday was pretty good. I had a 4 day weekend and celebrated with drinkage and fireworks. Went to the beach the night of the fireworks and played some volleyball for a bit then stayed for the fireworks. A bunch of people went to Adam's afterwards cuz they had fireworks and a keg so that was a fun night. It probably would have been more fun had I not had flying ants crawling all over me half the night but it was still a good time. As for the actual 4th, I just hung out around the house relaxing. The fam went to a BBQ but I was content just bummin around and then setting off some fireworks of my own that night.

The work week went quick since it was only 3 days, definitely have some interesting people at work these days haha. Thursday night me, Tuba, Jeff, Sam, and Dan partied down in Stamford which was pretty fun and Sam made a lady friend that nice so good for him. Apparently I had more drinks than I should have that night which led to me not feeling too hot most of Friday at work, especially with the fire alarm that got set off by somebody burning a bagel on the first floor. Snack > Bagels. I still didn't feel too great so I stayed in Friday night and watched the Mariners game. It seems everytime I start getting excited about this team doing well they nose dive and lose like 5 in a row. A little consistency would be appreciated guys!

Yesterday I went to Kaitlyn's birthday/graduation party up in Clinton (like the president), which is like an hour away. It was pretty fun, but I didn't really know anybody so at times I kind of felt out of place. Played some bocce though as well as volleyball and whiffle ball. I managed to sneak some of my own songs from my iPod on too which was enjoyable (well for me at least). Towards the end of the night/early morning I couldn't really sleep, people were talking and I couldn't get comfortable so I ended up driving home around 5 am. A combination of stopping drinking around 1 and drinking like 4 bottles of water sobered me up so I was ok to drive home. It was actually really nice driving that time of the day with very few people on the road and the sun just starting to come up. I feel like it relieved some stress.

So that brings us to today. My day started by being ignored by like the first 5 people I tried IMing...that's always fun. I LOVE when people ignore me...sigh. Now I'm watching the World Cup's currently 1-1. I don't know what I'm doing the rest of the day, possibly playing volleyball at some point. I'm kind of tired though not getting much sleep last night, I slept from around 6-12. Work week starts tomorrow hooray! But it's almost pay day and Amilcar will be back tomorrow which is good because I've been bored in the office by myself, not as many shenanigans when you're alone.

Things are kind of up and down lately. Some days have been really good, while others just remind me of how lonely I get. I try not to be pessimistic but at times it just seems like I'm going to be single forever. For the most part work is keeping me busy to keep my mind off of things but every now and then I just reflect upon how things are in my life and I can't help but feel disappointed. Weekends seem to be the same, usually going to O'neils or something in Sono to see the same people every week. It seems like a rare occurence when something new happens in my life. Meeting people at work I think is a good thing though. Since graduating college it's not so easy meeting new friends. I still get caught up on the past sometimes which is terrible to do but I can't help it, certain things just bring up old memories.

Sorry for the kind of depressing last paragraph but I'm just kind of blah right now. The game just hit halftime and still 1-1. I'm going to try and find something useful to do instead of just sitting here writing this but odds are I'll just finish this up and sit here watching the game/sitting at my laptop. Nothing really exciting coming up this week, but vacation is only a few weeks away so that should be nice and relaxing. It's nice to just get away from home for a bit. Ok, well that's about all for now. I don't know when the next update will be since I work at work now, but I'd guess that it'd be in 1-2 weeks. Later peeps.