Monday, March 27, 2006

Love me a Monday morning...

Actually I'm usually more awake on Monday mornings than other days because I actually get to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night on the weekends so I'm slightly more refreshed. Well what a weekend it has been...damn this Uconn team for making Friday/Sunday two cardiac games. I swear that the only positive I can have about Uconn not being in the tournament anymore is that every game I watch won't nearly give me a heart attack. I was ECSTATIC Friday night when Rashad hit the 3 to send it into overtime, when they later beat Washington. Then the loss yesterday, when even after Denham hit the 2 at the buzzer to tie, he missed the 3 at the end which would've won it. I actually thought it had a good chance of going down when he put the shot up but I guess a team's clutch shots have to end at some point. Oh I thought of another more Hilton!!! (I swear if the Knicks draft him, things will be thrown around the room for hours in anger). So it's time to gear up for the last 20 or so games left in the Knicks season, which is getting to be ridiculously painful to watch. Baseball starts up in a week so that should be something to look forward to, despite me having pretty much no faith of a postseason run for the Mariners, but hey ya never know.

Let's see what else has happened in the past week. Oh there was a power outage last Wed night, and we were at the bar for karaoke at O'neils so basically it was just everyone drinking by candle light they put in the bar. However, the karaoke fans could not be silenced and soon we were all singing a capella to our favorite songs which was pretty damn cool. Saturday night was Ant's graduation party, but also a murder mystery which was pretty fun. I ended up getting involved in it (surprise surprise), and was given the name Pete Nacho, a makeup expert from somewhere in South America. I ended up not being the murderer (I'm a lover, not a fighter). Around 11 us at the party headed to O'neils which was pretty packed, the karaoke dude's band was playing there. They're called Fake Id and they're actually really good, so that was fun, lotsa dancing and singing going on there. Then when bar closed down, went back to Ant's for some leftovers from the party which hit the spot quite nicely.

So that's pretty much my goings ons from the past week, if thats even a phrase. Don't really have much planned for this upcoming week, although Laurie might be home Friday so perhaps do something fun that night. I had planned to go up to Uconn for the Final 4 but I guess that plan is kinda ruined. I'll probably be up there in a few weeks for Spring Weekend though. It'll be weird next year when pretty much all of my friends who are at Uconn this year won't be there anymore, so this may be my last year to go up there and visit anyone, kinda sad actually but I guess we gotta move on. Speaking of which, I need to get my ass in gear and get going on more job searching. I got a few jobs I bookmarked from various sites to get resumes out to but first I gotta update my resume and this tournament's kept my mind off of other stuff so I should probably get on that sometime this week. I think I'm just gonna look for the most random jobs I can find online and apply for those cuz really I don't wanna be working at some boring job. While subbing isn't really a "real job", it's at least always an interesting day, whether good or bad.

Sorry if this is kind of dragging on, I got like 20 more min to kill before first period is over. I hate having no period 1 without knowing, cuz if I had known I would've just slept til 7 and come in in time for period 2. I'm in for a teacher I've never subbed for before so hopefully it won't be a bad day, I don't really know what kinda classes these are, although one of them is a math employment class, whatever that is.

Oh so last night I ventured somewhere I haven't been in quite some time: I forgot how funny some of the stuff on the site was. I checked out the strong bad email about Trogdor, then proceeded to download the Trogdor song, as well as two others on the site (come on FHWGADS!). Brought back memories of soph year of college when each week I'd be looking forward to new strong bad emails or a new teen girl squad (ARROWED!!!). Maybe I'll try and see what I've been missing out on the past few years on the site, as I really haven't been on there since I defeated Peasant's Quest haha.

Alright well my mind is going blank soooo I think I should wrap this up. Looking back at what I've just written I guess my life isn't so exciting at the moment, but hopefully I'll find something to keep me entertained/happy for a while. I can always start a countdown til the greatest film ever made comes out (can you say SNAKES ON A PLANE???). This is probably why I'd always stop blogging whenever I'd try to revive this thing again cuz I just run out of things to talk about or nothing is going on in my life at the moment. Check back for more updates later this week, maybe something exciting will happen by then, or I'll have something to complain about haha. LATAAA!

Monday, March 20, 2006

sooo its early monday morning and i got resource center duty so id figure id give you all a recap of the weekend up in boston. so me tuba jeff ant and nicole headed up to boston probably around 6 or so and didnt get up there til probably around 930 that night cuz of a pretty good amount of traffic. oh and also because we stopped at Dill's (Bill's) Drive-In where we got some food before we left. The car ride was mostly filled with Jeff asking to stop for beer and putting shit on me and Tuba's head. Oh and also me getting text message updates of Uconn-Albany which we were actually losing for most of the game so I was kind of panicked, and honestly it would've ruined my weekend had they lost. So we finally get up there and hit up the liquor store pretty much as soon as we got up there. Me and Jeff decided to get some 40s...although I was told mine wasn't as ghetto since I just got beer instead of malt liquor. But I tried to make up for that by continuing to drink it out of the brown bag it came in which made me dubbed "Brown Bag" for the trip. I even kept the bag as a souvenier!

So we drank a little at Tom's apartment then eventually headed out to the Foggy Goggle. We met up with a bunch of our friends there and it was a pretty good time. We were all dancing and drinking and what not. Some of the highlights of the night were us getting shouted out by the guy with the mic but none of us really hearing any of it. When asked to shout out Wolfpit School, the guy shouted out Wolfpit, Connecticut which was kind of humorous. Oh another funny (and in hindsight kinda stupid) moment was when I was talking to this girl and Tuba's like the Knicks highlights are on so I get all excited and focus on that (they had beaten the Pistons, one of the best teams in the league), and then I turn back and the girl was gone...oops my bad. And Jeff got kicked out of the bar for talking some shit to one of the waitresses, but did manage to sneak back in for the rest of the night. And this kid Chris we were with fell off this lil stage we were dancing on, so he left and didn't wanna come back in. So the bar closed down and we had to wait outside for some taxis to get back. Here there was even more mayhen. These guys were drunkenly singing that OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAAAAAAY song which of course i had to join in...I think we sounded like soccer hooligans. I also found a crate in the middle of the street which of course I had to take and put on my head. But I think the capper was when a car in the street was either just sitting there or moving really slow and Jeff decides itd be funny to to run up to it and kick it in the back end of it. So the driver jumps out of the car and comes after some other kid by us cuz he thought that he had done it but nothing comes out of it. We get back to the apartment and Rob (he was also staying with us) was like ridiculously drunk and like sat on the stairs in the hallway throwing up most of the night, then throwing up in the living room. Jeff and Rob both passed out so after we had made some french fries, Emily (one of Tom's roommates) stuck some fries in Rob's asscrack, Tom wrote on his back in marker, and Emily stuck a fry in Jeff's nose and ear, all of which I have pictures of and will post either later today or tomorrow.

So Saturday was mostly us chilling at the apartment cuz we all weren't feeling too hot after excessive drinking, especially Rob. But we did go out for lunch and oh man was this some funny shit. Alright well let's first start off by sayign that I had found a bicycle helmet in the apartment and was sitting aruond wearing it. So the group convinced me to wear it out to lunch. Well one thing led to another and by the time we were heading out, I had stickers on my face, helmet, and shirt, was carrying their house phone (just the actual phone and cord), a Where's Waldo book, a pink plastic plate, some toy spinner thing, and my tip calculator (the remote for the DVD player). Let's just say I looked a little special with all the stuff. So we go to the restuarant and I have all the shit with me. First thing the waitress comments to me is how she loved the toy I had, so I played with that for a while at the table. I then had a few phone conversations at the table, some about not gettin the fax and others about putting a hit out for Jeff. One time the waitress came to the table and I was like "ok well the foods here I gotta go". The food was good, I had the bbq chicken quesadillas and some nachos. As we left sadly I had to let Johnson go in an emotional conversation to which the people in the restaurant were lookign at me. On the way back I got another assignment on my phone while walking back but I told him that "you can count on me sir". Also I found out that my tip calculator could not change the traffic lights like I had hoped and again I got some more looks from people.

The rest of the day was kinda lazy, we ordered pizza for dinner. Me Jeff and Tuba (or Tubbba with 3 b's) headed out to a bar to meet up with Steph and some friends. Sadly wearing sneakers did not allow us to meet the "dress code" so we went to some othere random bar. By the time we go in it was almost 1230 so we decided to drink quickly. So in probably an hour or so I had 3 white russians and 3 shots of assorted liquor to get a decent buzz on. Not much funny stuff at the bar, but while waiting for taxis I pulled out my phone again and had some more fake convos. Some girls thought it was funny, but some girl who said that she "worked with retards" told me that I was retarded...I don't know but that doesn't seem to politically correct to me!

Got back to the apartment, watched Desperado then went to bed since we had to get up early in the morning to head back home. Ride back in the morning wasn't too exciting or anything. Tuba came back over around 230 to watch the Uconn game with me and the fam (Grandma included). They won which was good, so we'll at least be in the sweet 16, which after the scare against Albany I had had some concerns. Spent the rest of the day watching more basketball and relaxing and now here I am at work Monday morning recapping as much as I can remember. There may be some more things I can't think of at the brain doesn't funtion too well at 8 in the morning. So if I think of anything worthwhile I'll add it. Check out my profile in the upcoming days cuz I'll have pics from the trip up soon (pics of fries and writings on people, as well as me in my helmet and stickers, calling people in the restaurant from my special phone).

Brown Bag

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday jobs available today for work, but its all good, I'm already set for working tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll be able to find some work on Friday so it'll be a 4 day week which still ain't too bad. I haven't updated in a week, a few fun things have happened. Shaun, John, Tim, Steve, and Murph came down from Uconn for karaoke last Wed night which was hilarious. Murph and Steve did a duet of I'll Make Love To You. I sang Wild, Wild West and John (quite intoxicatedly) sang the forever long American Pie. We hit up PRD's afterwards where I got told by the waitress to watch my language and there was a hooker in the booth across from us with two dudes which John found to be hilarious. Let's just say getting 4 hours of drunken sleep did not lead to a very pleasurable Thursday morning of work. Luckily though it was a short day in which I came home to watch Uconn lose a heartbreaker to Syracuse. So it was a short Big East Tourney for us, hopefully we can get another national championship starting Friday though.

This past weekend was I guess a normal Sono weekend. Went to O'neils and the Loft Friday night, and since I had to drive could only have 4 white russians, but I guess that's not bad since I didn't have to spend a lot of money. Saturday night was Black Bear and O'neils and I got a lil drunk that night and it was pretty good. With St. Patrick's day coming up hopefully I'll be up in Boston or somewhere exciting and not anywhere near Norwalk. Speaking of that I gotta call Jeff up sometime and find out if we're actually going up there. Oh and also if anyone reads this is gonna be out in Boston this coming weekend let me know in case I'm up there maybe we could meet up or something.

I've been thinking about the past a lot this past week, which I'm sure is not a good nor healthy thing to be doing. It's just incredible how people who were so important to you for so long no longer exist at all in your life. It almost makes you question if everything that happened was worth it. I mean I guess you learn from things you've done in the past but still it doesn't seem to do much good when you still can't get stuff out of your head. I was watching the Uconn-Duke game from their 2004 championship run and I just remember how incredibly happy I was at that time. I still remember that night. Me, Katie, Tuba, Tim, Pat, John, and I think Steve too actually were all over at Kim's apartment with all the girls and ish. And I just remember coming back in that game and beating them and thinking it may have been the greatest game I've ever watched and we all ran around campus screaming and drinking and jumping around.

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Then of course Pat had some heart problem and we had to go to the hospital which kinda sobered everyone up quite quickly. Prior to the heart thing, I just don't think like there was a happier time in my life than that year of college, which I guess would be the sophmore and junior years area give or take a few months. Every now and then something comes up (whether its a song or some reminder of jokes that you had with people) and it just reminds me of such great times which seem to not be around as much anymore. Graduating college certainly didn't help as it took me away from some of my best friends the past 4 years or so of my life. Sorry about all this negativity and reflecting on better time I guess. Sometimes I just need to get this out of my system and tell people (or the 10 or so people who actually read these haha).

I'm sure I could go on and on about stuff from the past but in order to not get myself down I'll just go on about something else. I'm gonna go to the gym in about half an hour so that should cheer me up some. I'd been going sparingly for the past few months and I want to get back to going like 3 or 4 days a week. Or doing some sort of exercise outside when it's nice out. I jogged/walked for 4 miles the other day cuz it was so nice out, and it made me feel good about myself so that's a plus.

Random stuff:
--Dolphins traded for Daunte Culpepper, and I think if he's healthy they should be in the playoffs this year and maybe even be a Super Bowl contender if he can play as well as he did when he was with Moss.
--Deal or No Deal may be one of the dumbest shows ever, but holy crap is it addicting and suspenseful. It's on at 8 on Mondays and Fridays and I always find myself watching it and getting all caught up with the contestant. (even though it seems like they almost always say No Deal)
--The Knicks still suck
--My new ringtone is Popozao by the great K-Fed (aka Keven Federline)
--I subbed for band yesterday which was quite odd. We actually watched the '97 tape from my freshman yr when we performed at Syracuse. Damn we were nasty, and it's crazy that that was 9 years ago, holy crap am I old.
--I'm gonna buy Lost season 1 today at Walmart, it's a damn good show too bad it's been repeats too much lately
--Anybody know when Spring Weekend is up at Uconn? I wanna be up there for that to see all my friends while they're still up there. It's gonna be weird next year when I pretty much won't know anyone there anymore

Alright so I gotta go get changed and ready to go gymming. Since people always have that "what I'm listening to" thing in their blogs/journals I'll let ya know what songs (its a few since it takes me a while to type these out since I'm doing other things) I've been listening to. They're all pretty good songs which I'd recommend to download or I could send any of em to ya if you'd want. Anyway I'll try and update this more than once a week, I've been kinda out of it the past few days so maybe it'll be good I vented all that stuff above to clear my head and stuff. Anyway, catch y'all later...GO UCONN!!!

What I'm listening to:
U2 - With Or Without You
Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire
Nas - Bridging The Gap
Colin Hay - Overkill
Blacksheep - The Choice Is Yours
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Five For Fighting - 100 Years
Coldplay - The Scientist

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SPRING BREAK '06: The Buckets Strike Back...

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So last week me and Jeff headed down to Ft. Lauderdale to see his brother Dave and party up. It was quite a damn good time so I'll try and recap it as much as I can remember, sadly alcohol and drunkenness impairs the ability to remember every funny thing that happened.

So we got down there Wed night, late so we just hung out at Dave and his girlfriend's house and chatted and stuff...they got a nice lil place, they had 2 beds in a guest room which fit nicely for the occasion. So since Dave and his girlfriend Tracey (or is it Tracie, i dunno) both worked Thursday and Friday we didn't have a car to use during the day so they were kinda bummish days. We went to the pool in the complex and chilled/swam a bit. It was like in the 80s and sunny that day, while i heard it snowed in norwalk that day...lucky us! We went out to this place Sofa King (great name for a bar actually), which seemed like a PG-13 strip club with scantily clad waitresses dancing on poles and shit. Sadly though, this led to the bar scene pretty much consisting of no girls (besides the waitresses) and a lot of older men. Highlight of the night came when I spilled my white russian all over the table getting my phone wet, and somehow making it go into car kit mode meaning i couldnt hear or talk into my phone for about an hour or 2 til it magically fixed itself. So we went to this place geronimo's where the crowd was slightly better and they were playing like 70's music. It wasn't really great there either but we got buffalo wings which were good. Oh I forgot to mention our cab driver Joel who took us to geronimos, who the whole way there discussed xm radio/sirius with jeff. So then we got a ride back from Dave after waking him up at 3 to pick us up. I also learned that Florida grass is itchy when i had laid myself out upon the grass and some Floridian walked by and told me that.

Friday was another chill day, our only adventure out during the day was going to Publix, supermarket down there. We bought some shit for ourselves and bought Dave a cupcake dog, which damn i dont have a picture of but it was hilarious looking. It was like 2 cupcakes together with frosting over both of them and a lil dog face with a tongue sticking out...pretty damn funny. Friday night we went out really early at like 630 for happy hour and stuff. We hit up a bunch of different places, and ended up on a street somewhere where its just bars everywhere and you can drink out in the street and stuff, which is pretty cool when its like 70 degrees out and you can walk in and out of bars with whatever drink you have. Some highlights of the night included Eric (Dave's friend who came down Friday night) writing a song on a napkin and throwing it at a band to try and have them play the song he requested. Jeff puking after doing some shot (more on this later). There were these 3 girls from Hong Kong, who Jeff also told he was from Hong Kong. And after saying they were beautiful or something they would say you hafta pick one and everytime he'd pick a diff one and the other ones would be like AHHH (in Asian voices), it was quite funny. Also on the elevator some crazy bitch wouldnt let anyone on the elevator but we all got on anyway and she flipped and pushed me for some reason. what the f. then some girl on the elevator named Stephanie had her b-day so someone (I think Eric) started a Happy Birthday Stephanie clap-song, which doesnt seem so funny unless you hear the song, its hilarious. And then Jeff threw his shoe on top of a car for no apparent reason. Later back at the house, Jeff vomitted all over their carpet...sad for the boys.

Saturday day was recovery time. Saturday night was more shit show. We went to this bar Sloppy Joe's where they had 20 dollar 85 oz alcohol buckets. Pretty damn big and alcohol filled. Me and Jeff were like the only ones who had them, and I pretty much took the bucket anywhere I went, which I guess was humorous to everyone else. They had a kick ass room where they had 2 pianos facing each other, a drum set, and a guitar and the 4 people would switch seats every time and do a different song, really cool shit. So I got pretty messed up from my bucket + a jello shot + 3 white russians. Jeff was kickin some game to some 32 yr old with 2 kids, which we made fun of him the rest of the trip for. Me Dave Tracey and Eric were in the room with the piano and Apache and the Cha Cha Slide were the big dance numbers for the evening, pretty funny stuff with us all dancing. So after I finished my bucket i attached it to my belt and some girl comes and sticks her straw in my bucket (not gonna lie i felt a lil violated). So i talked to her and her friend (a psych major woo hoo) for a bit, they were cool peeps. So the group went back and we threw some ice cubes at Jeff apparently then danced/sang (HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!) our way back to the car. We went to McDonald's and were ordering when Jeff decides to change the hamburger that someone ordered to a "no meat burger", then later yelled more shit so much that we left before actually getting our food. We ended up going to Denny's. I had a blazin ass BBQ chicken sandwich and our waiter (Uncle) Jesse was a tool, who gave us shit service. Most of this night was a blur but this is the best I could remember. We didnt get home til 6 am, see down there the bars dont close til 4 which is kick ass. I had a dream that night all about alcohol, with my favorite moment being me finishing up a bucket and screaming "PUT THAT ON MY REVIEW!!!" Its from that Bud Light Daredevil commercial with the dude staying 5 extra minutes on a friday. So I think thats gonna be my new saying.

Sunday was more chilling then going down to Miami to drop off Eric at a hotel. We ate at hooter's but they ran out of freaking wings...who does that? We drove through South Beach which looked pretty wild. I dont think i was classy enough though it seemed like you had to have a lot of money to party down there. We came back home packed our stuff and left for home Monday morning. Went from like 85 to 35 degree weather, not so great.

So that was my trip, I'm sure there's lots of stuff I don't remember. I got pictures up from the trip in my profile so check those out, I think they were mostly of me and that bucket haha. So yea now I'm back home. Good news though some of my Uconn friends are coming down later though to hit up karaoke tonight that should be fun as hell. Too bad I gotta be up at 6 for work tomorrow though, thats gonna be unpleasant. Anyway, check out the pics and leave me comments, peace out!