Sunday, January 29, 2006

130 on a sunday afternoon, waiting for my lean cuisine microwave lunch to be done/waiting for my laundry to be done so its bloggin time. my last post was on thursday so lets see whats happened since then. thursday night was a blackbear night with some good times and a new dance invented (think pointing at the person across from u along with the rhythm of the song, with an optional toe tap to the beat as well). i think i had a few too many white russians (its not my fault tho, theyre so tasty and i just drink them quickly because theres not much in the glasses they give you!), which led to a not so pleasant 6 am wakeup for work at brien mcmahon the next day. figures that like the one night i got drunk that week was the night before one of my 2 days i worked last week. but anyway, luckily its midterms week so i ended up subbing for a gym teacher which meant going to the cafeteria for the whole 4 hour day and keeping an eye on the kids who didnt have exams, along with a few other teachers. so basically i got paid a full days amount to read the shining for 4 hours, not even having to say anything to any of the students, man this job is so kick ass sometimes.

for the weekend, lets see friday was a casino trip. me chris and ron went up and eventually caught up with meg and emily who went to a concert at mohegan. so i spent like 2 hours-ish playing blackjack at 6 bucks a hand. that was what the minimum was when i got there, and while i was at the table they boosted it up twice to 16 bucks but since i was there at the beginning i got to stay at 6. so it was pretty much an evenish night, id be up 30 then down 30 and back and forth with my original 100 i played with at the start. so when i left the table i lost 23 bucks, which for me is pretty damn good since i usually lose at least 100. plus i got to play for like 2 hours and ended up getting 5 or 6 white russians for free (well i tipped the guy a dollar for each one) which was pretty good, and probably cheaper than a bar night.

yesterday was more of a chill day, and chill night too. watched the knicks game, played some cranium with the fam...i needed a break from going out i guess, it was the first night i stayed in since tuesday. and that brings us up to today i guess in which i believe my lunch is ready. pasta in alfredo sauce with chicken and brocolli...yea the brocollis not getting eaten by me. anybody remember the veggie strike from freshman yr of college??? ahaha oh man that was some funny shit. didnt work tho but it was a good idea at the time. alright well im gonna go eat and hopefully ill be working most of this week now that midterms are over and get some more posts in during the week. later!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

"currently there are no jobs available..."

soooo yea this has been my week...midterms at the school has kept me home being bored. i got to work monday cuz they're from tues-fri and im pretty sure ill be home again tomorrow doing nothing all day. and it sucks cuz theres not even really anybody around to talk to or hang out with. people are busy with work or school and im just sitting around like a lazy bum doing nothing. i applied for 4 jobs yesterday that i had bookmarked a week ago so im glad i finally got those resumes in. now well hafta see if i get any calls from any of them. that marketing job in stamford i interviewed for at the end of last year hasnt contacted me in forever so im assuming i didnt get that job.

so lets see whats going on in my life besides nothingness. last weekend was pretty fun. on friday i wasnt working so i went up to buckland hills for lunch and shopping with amanda. we hadnt really hung out before but it was a pretty fun day. i bought a camp annawana t-shirt! actually i wouldnt mind going on a lil trip anywhere today or tomorrow since im pretty much doing nothing. since i was all the way up there anyway i just decided to go up to uconn for the night and see the old crew. it was usual excessive drinking uconn carriage house stuff. i woke up at 7 am sitting up on the couch with a pounding headache, i mustve passed out at some point sitting there. but luckily they saved my dp dough and i enjoyed it for lunch the next day.

i got home saturday afternoon then headed into the city for a knicks game that me and my brothers got as a present for christmas. lets just say i didnt really enjoy the outcome of the game. they suck horribly right now. where i praised them in one of my previous blogs i take back said praise and hopefully they will all read this and win an f'in game soon.

im actually a bit hungry right now so im gonna go out in search of food...this will be my big "leaving the house" part of the day. marinellos chicken parm grinder here i come! so yea i know this is a boring blog to read probably but comments are always welcome. i should probably comment on other peoples blogs if im gonna ask people to comment on mine? oh well, im out of here...maybe ill do another one later.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Soooo it's like 11:20 (when im starting this) and i just handed out a bunch of crossword puzzles for the class to do. We had a fire drill earlier today during my prep bush league is that, it interrupted me watching consecutive episodes of room raiders. So yea this weeks been a bit hectic. I think my last post was Tuesday, so that night me Chris and Kim went out to the Brewhouse for dinner, I had some delicious penne alla vodka with chicken which ended up also being lunch the next day (cuz kim was nice enough to give me the rest of hers that she didnt finish).

Wednesday was awesome...worked during the day then headed into NYC with bob, chris, murph, and paul and we met laurie at grand central. knicks-mavs...which somehow put our seats in the middle of the German mini-flag wavers alliance supporting dirk nowitski. Some guy with a UN badge was sitting with them, and i got a bunch of weird looks and comments from them with my intense cheering for my beloved kincks. anyway the knicks went up big early on and dallas came storming back which made it a nervous game for me haha. anyway they won in overtime, making them 5-0 in 2006...which is a nice change from the 7-21 they were at the end of 2005. so hopefully they can keep it up and get into the playoffs (theyre a whole 2 games out of the 8th sad is the eastern conference??).

last night was a chill night, such and ant came over to play some video games. today i got jeffs game after school so no nap today i dont think...dang. oh i almost forgot. yesterday in one of my classes they had a double class (cuz of lab) so during the first period i made up trivia questions and we played jeopardy. i think some of them enjoyed it, although looking back some of the questions were kinda crappy. the categories were, miscellaneous, movies, tv commercials, and questions about the room they were in haha. some of my favs were "what character can be found in a commercial giving a sandwich to a lumberjack in the woods?", "how many questions were assigned to u guys to do?" (which NO ONE got, god forbid they write down the assignment haha), and the final jeopardy question was "what song is this lyric from: just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere". oh yea i also sung it for them to help out a little bit. one team got it right and needless to say they were the winners. it was more fun than sitting at the desk looking at the ceiling like i had been doing. so maybe ill try to do more stuff like that to pass the time quicker and maybe also make it more enjoyable for the students. making it relevant to the class would probably be better but i can stick with my pop culture questions for now.

ok i should probably get back to watching the class...and by watching the class i mean go surf the internet. they block aim, myspace, and facebook on all these computers so i cant talk to people which suuuuucks. but at least i can blog which i hadnt been doing much when i wasnt subbing. so ill try to keep up with these more frequently if im on the computer during classes. but yea more people should post comments...oh actually u can post a comment on the answer to the questions above that i gave to my class. ill even shout u out in the next blog post if u get the right answers. theyre pretty easy actually, well i dont think anyones gonna get the question about what i assigned to the class, but maybe the other 2. alright well im gonna go for real this time. ciao!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yawn. It's almost 9 am, and I'm still a bit tired...this getting up at 6 thing's gonna take some getting used to. I haven't posted in about a week so I'll give you guys a lil something to read while I have my free period now. Not a lots happened in the last week really, mostly subbing during the day, chillin out at night. This past weekend was pretty good, me Ant and Such chilled, drank, and played video games all night with my brothers. We were gonna go to O'neills later that night but we were just like eh forget it and stayed in. Oh but we did order Domino's which was delicious. Saturday night we went out to O'neills for Such's birthday, lotsa cool people there and I had quite a few White Russians which was good times. Don't remember much specifically but that must mean that I had a lot of fun.

Watched some playoff games this weekend, and out of the 4 teams I was rooting for only Carolina could get a win. Oh well, as long as New England doesn't win again this year I'll be happy. The Dolphins bounced back from a 4-12 yr in 04-05 to be 9-7 this year, not a bad turnaround in my eyes. If they can do something at the qb position I think they should be able to get into the playoffs next year, especially the way Chambers finished the year. So this will be my sports paragraph, and I'll mention my 2006 UNDEFEATED knicks. Hey a 3-0 run in a season where you were dead last in the league a week ago gives some optimism. I'm going to the game Wednesday night against the Mavs with Bob, Murph, Paul, Laurie, and Tuba so I hope they win or I'm gonna be pissed. I got my Frye jersey ready to go and I'm excited, it should be a fun night.

Went bowling last night after going out to dinner at Fat Cat, it's a pizza place over like by the library. It was pretty good, I managed to eat way too much, although I was let down that I couldn't get sausage or have any White Russians. Bowling was fun even though I played TERRIBLY. Let's see if I could name everyone that played: me, crissy, "griffster", ryan, matt, chris, dave, matt's friend (damn I forgot his name), tuba, nicole, and such. I think that's everyone, anyway I bowled terribly and lost both the chance to win the championship belt as well as the title of Mr. Universe. Maybe next time I guess.

I'm looking to make a trip up to Uconn sometime soon, I know schools not back in session yet, but maybe late January, early February. I haven't been up there in quite a while and it'd be nice to see some of the Uconn gang who's lucky enough to not have graduated yet.

Let's see what else is going on in my life? Ummm still job searching I guess I was lookin for jobs yesterday while subbing and I bookmarked a few jobs that interested me so I should probably send some resumes in for those today, if I don't fall asleep as soon as I get home, I'm so tired. I hope these classes today aren't too bad, I hate having my free period so early cuz it just means I have 5 more classes to deal with after this. Plus I have my new Ricky Gervais Show podcast to listen to, but I don't think I can do that while I have a class, maybe during my lunch I'll listen to it. They're really funny, if any of you guys have itunes I suggest downloading one or two of em and giving it a listen. They're free and about a half hour long each, its bascially Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant (The Office, Extras) chatting about stuff with this guy Karl, who apparently has very strange ideas and there may be something wrong with him I'm not sure. But yea, they're really funny and of course every podcast has Monkey News for your listening pleasure.

Alright I'm gonna go check my mail and a few other things before my free period is up. Hope you enjoy the blog, leave comments peeps I'm gettin no comment love as of late!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years Weekend 05/06

So for new years this year i really saw nothign exciting going on around here in sono and all that stuff so i decided to head north with jeff, keith, and ant to montreal. this would be my first trip to canada so i was kinda excited. although the weather wasnt as nice as i wouldve like...jesus christmas it was freakin cold, good thing alcohol makes u not realize the cold as much, but hey at least we didnt get any snow up there.

so anyway we headed up friday afternoon and got up there somewhere between 7 and 8 friday night. we had some dinner at drinks at some bar then ended up at some other bar for the rest of the night. eventually me ant and keith headed to a strip club and then to the casino where i proceeded to get murdered in blackjack as usual. but i gotta admit their casino there is freakin amazing. they even had this thing where they have this little automated horses and u bet on them and stuff it was pretty cool and the bets only had to be a quarter. some more funny stuff happened in the hotel room but hey u cant tell everybody everything about the trip right?

so saturday started off with a lunch at this restaurant that took FOREEEEVER to get us our food, and even when we got it it wasnt even really good. rest of the day was shopping at this undergroundish mall they got, which was pretty cool. some more strip to touch my first pair of fake boobs...gotta say, not really impressed by them. so then there was a nice new yrs eve dinner, i had some ribs and buffalo wings, and i think we all ate way too much cuz it took us all forever even to get a buzz on that night. it took about 10 of those weak cranberry-vodkas they were serving at the bar we went to for the night to get even a lil drunk. so yea this bar we went to for new yrs wasnt really great...not many girls, and a majority of the ones that were there were already with someone. so yea there was more casinoing later that night and i lost my first money of 2006 as well as my first white russian. oh side note: the one thing that absolutely sucked about this casino was that u couldnt have alcohol on the floor, whereas im used to getting free drinks at mohegan while i lose my money i couldnt even get any free stuff while i lost sucked. so i lsot more at blackjack and played craps for the first time. lost 50, but played a good amount of turns, i think i finally got the hang of it and i think im gonna play again next time i go to a casino. oh and also when we got back to the hotel i decided we should have pillow sack races in the hall. so me and ant got in our pillow cases and started hopping down the hall. too bad for me when i was turning the corner a police officer was right there. so i got out of the case and slowly walked back to the room haha. i guess that wasnt so bad though when u take in consideration all the weed that was smelled throughout the hotel.

sunday we checked out and after stopping for lunch headed back home. got stuck at the border for about an hour and half with all the holiday traffic, but actually was better than most since we knocked off at least an hr or 2 by cutting in line by getting off the exit and back on, and then by going thru the duty free area and cutting in front of more people :-D but while in traffic i went old school and made a sign to try and make people in other cars laugh. "my fav food is pigeon" managed to get a few laughs from some people. all in all it was a pretty good trip. really the only two negative thigns were the long lunch that day and the bar new years eve night, but everything else was really pretty good. i was having too much fun i have a whopping 2 pictures from the trip which i wont even bother to post since theyre so little. but yea that was my new years weekend, im sure theres a lot more funnier shit that went down but i cant think of it right now. oh wait, the song of the trip would have to be wild wild west by will smith which i had made for jeffs ringer when he called me which i played a few times in the car...what a great artist that smith is!

alright well til next time, bonne annee!