Tuesday, December 20, 2005

helloooo, im just taking a break from my hectic subbing day of using AIM and playing games online to do a lil blog update. today i get to be subbing in a computer lab so basically i sit here and chat throughout the day while the kids in the class dont do their work and browse the web. yesterday was my first day subbing and wasnt so bad. i was a little nervous going into it but it was a pretty good day. i should be able to work all 5 days this week (fridays early dismissal for the holiday break so i hope im working on friday!). at some point this week i gotta go in and collect my last paycheck from stews. its probably ridiculously busy there this week and im quite happy that im not a part of the hectic-ness.

also of note, this upcoming friday is festivus and saturday is tubas 23rd bday sooooo im having some people over friday night for a bit then were all going out to blackbear. ive talked to a few people about this but if i havent mentioned it to u dont fret, whoever wants to come can come just let me know ahead of time if u can. hopefully we can get some uconn peoples to come down for the night, it should be good times. the family feud dvd will make its second festivus appearance this year and if u havent played it before you're in for a treat! im working on a festivus board game but who knows if that'll get done. oh and of course we will be watching the festivus episode of seinfeld (if we remember to tape it!). so yea even if u dont wanna come celebrate festivus at my house people should meet us in sono for some fun times. hope to see some of u guys on friday! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

hey all...its been a while since ive posted i know. this is kinda half assed too i just wanna show off my pictures from the days event! since i dont know how to post pics on here (maybe someone can help me out with that, i forget how to do it, i think photobucket could be helpful), heres a link to pictures from today (meet the knicks special session at their training facility) and 2 weeks ago i think (me and jeff went to stamford and met don vito from viva la bam.

today was really awesome though, i got crawford, frye, curry, and robinson to sign my knicks hat. i got lee, ariza, and rose to sign my little pass thign they gave us, since i ran out of room on my hat. played a lil 2 on 3 with fellow fans against charles smith and michael ray richardson. some of the current players were shooting around with us briefly too...sadly when i asked nate if he could dunk it he said he was too tired from the practice they had just before the event. but yea it was awesome, they gave us a gift bag on the way out with a mini basketball signed by marbury, who wasnt at the thing.

other than that lifes been alright, didnt go out at all this weekend though, i dunno didnt seem like a lot was going on, hopefully things will liven up around here when people come home next weekend i think. oh i quit stews FINALLY...that place was driving me freakin crazy im so happy to be out of there. people asked me if i was sad leaving and simply put, no not at all. the only thing ill miss is some of the people in my dept who were cool, but really its only a few people bc most of the people there annoy the hell out of me. so yea i should start subbing sometime soon. they told me once they got my reference letters in theyd send me something so i could start sooooo yea thats what im waiting for. ill prob call or something if i dont get anything by monday cuz i cant just sit at home and do nothing...well maybe i could but gotta keep busy i guess.

oh and then theres myspace happenings which is getting me a bit pissed off to say the least. i messaged a pretty large amount of girls on there aaaaaand yea only got like 2 responses back to any of them. i guess people dont wanna talk to new people or maybe its just me who knows. so yea i think thats about it, i wasnt planning on writing this much but hey i just kept thinking of more stuff to write so here it is. maybe i do have enough stuff tho to update this thing more frequently. alright so til next time, happy winter everyone!