Tuesday, November 15, 2005

alright well here comes another blog...

so were a little more than a week away from thanksgiving and im real excited. lotsa people will be home from school and the wed night before thanksgiving should be a freakin blast downtown. and of course who doesnt enjoy thanksgiving, where you eat and watch football all day. may be my second fav holiday after christmas....mmm cant wait to eat that dark turkey meat. so lets see whats going on in my life right now. i just handed in an application to be a sub at the norwalk school system today. ive always kinda thought about teaching for a career so maybe this can give me an idea of if id like it or not. even though all you do as a sub is pretty much right an assignment on the board and read the paper or something. but yea for now im still workin at good ol stews. theres a marketing job in stamford ive been waiting foreeever to see about. got to call the guy tomorrow probably only to find out theyre still looking over my resume...bah.

signed up for myspace a week or so ago. a few friends on there but too many of you people are not on there so you should sign up so i can increase my amount of friends. from the time ive used it its pretty cool, you can do more stuff on there than on facebook. so yea i recommend signing up and adding me as your friend!

also of note, fox is taking AD off for sweeps so they can show 2 hours of prison break every monday night instead. lots of talk about the show being cancelled too sooooo yea im not a very happy camper. this is probably my favorite show ever so lets make sure that it gets crappier ratings that a whole bunch of garbage shows like trading spouses and freakin that jim belushi show. more and more im convinced that reality tv is destroying good tv shows. scrubs isnt even on tv right now bc nbc has too much other crap on the air that they need to hold off on it. oh and just to remind people scrubs and AD were both nominated for best comedies. and im pretty sure AD has won several awards in the past 2 years...pretty much the only comedy on fox to do so. oh but dont worry that freddie prinze jr show just got picked up for another season hooray!

i think more and more this is gonna be a page where i bitch about things, hence the AD rant. i was gonna go to the gym today but yea im feelin a bit lazy and its just kind of a blah day. plus my triceps have been sore (wow i sound like a fitness pro here!). oh shit i almost forgot to mention that my beloved knicks have finally won a game...actually 2 games! nationally televised game wed night though so im sure theyll look terrible and get blown out, but hey who knows maybe we can win our 3rd in a row. i think im gonna put a channing frye jersey on my christmas list this year...this kid can play!

so lets see ive covered sports and tv. so how about some movie stuff. i watched requiem for a dream last night for the first time in a while. absolutely great movie, if you havent seen it i highly recommend it. its kinda depressing, but really well done. its about drugs and all that fun stuff and jared leto, marlon wayans, jennifer connoly, and i cant remember the other main characters name but shes real good in it too. oh and shooter mcgavins in it too. but yea even after seeing the movie for like the 5th time its still really powerful.

alright well i think this will suffice for todays entry. i dont know what was thought about the first blog entry...i heard it was kinda boring soooo i hope this one is a little more entertaining for you all. if you have any ideas of stuff for me to do to make it more interesting let me know. leave comments people!!! til next time, lataaaa!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ok wellllll it has been a while since I've last blogged...sometime in the spring I believe following our crazy spring break trip. If you are reading this I assume you know me and I don't need to put all the stuff that's gone on in the past few months. It's almost 1 am sunday night/monday morning and Emily is not keeping my interest enough so I'm blogging. And now she's going to bed so even more bloggage will occur. I think I'm gonna pretty much just do whatever the hell I want on here. I had an idea to list my favorite Journey songs so a la Rob Gordon (if you can't pick up this reference we shouldn't be friends) here is my all time top-5 songs by the great band Journey:

5. Wheel in the Sky
4. Open Arms
3. Any Way You Want It
2. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

::drum roll::

1. Don't Stop Believin

Honestly though, these are all GREAT songs, and to all of you non-Journey fans, I highly recommend giving all 5 a listen. Don't Stop Believin is currently my ringer on my phone, which changes probably every 2 weeks or so.

Ok so I don't really feel like keeping this any kind of normal format so now I'll just list random "favorites" of mine. I'm gonna do my best to make them absurd things so they'll be somewhat entertaining. I feel as though this could either revive my blogging or no one will like this and I'll be sad and as a result never ever blog again. Without further ado...

Song I am currently listening to: Genuwine - Pony (I shit you itunes is on random and hey it's not a bad song so I'm not gonna skip to the next one)
Creamsaver flavor: strawberries n cream
Movie starring Rick Moranis: Spaceballs...but Honey I Shrunk the Kids got considerable thought.
Person online at 1 am who is not away: Sachin Modi
Knick-related food: Channing Fryes
Crayon color: Indian red...even though they changed it to something else now, it's still a classic
Scene where a guys ear gets cut off: Reservoir Dogs a la Mr. Blonde (I'm currently listening to Stuck in the Middle With You so thats where this "favorite" came from")
Kind of ravioli: Cheese...could be one cheese or a multi-cheese ravioli
Season that has dual names: Fall/autumn
Member of the Fugees: Wyclef Jean...although I feel Pras never got any love once the group split up...Ghetto Superstar was a helluva song
Curb Your Enthusiasm Character: Jeff Greene
Billy Ocean song: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Way to get along: famously
Play: Rocky 3.5 (I think I'm gonna post that as a blog entry at some point this week)

alright well all of a sudden I'm really tired so I shall enlighten you all with more random CRAP some other time...hope you enjoy this resurrected thing.