Monday, February 27, 2006

back to work...

so winter break is was a pretty much uneventful week off from subbing. a few things were done last week. had a job interview in the city on thursday for a research assistant job. its like i/o psych related so it might be a pretty cool job if i get it. its a temp to permanent position and not great money-wise with the commute and all but they said id prob be called in for a second interview so ill see how that goes if/when they call. friday was another knicks disaster against the nets. the tickets were free though so i guess i really shouldnt complain. saturday was some sono drinkage...pretty much the usual sono experience of spending lotsa money on lotsa white russians.

florida is a few days away...i cant wait. just to get out of this freakin cold weather for a few days will be great. should be lots of partying down there, so i hope these next few days dont drag, and wednesday night comes sooner rather than later. im at work now and im already scheduled to work tomorrow too so ill have some money after this trip put a dent in my wallet. although its only costing $207 for round-trip airfare and were staying at jeff's brother's place so no money spent on a hotel either. i gotta go through my clothes and find some shorts and ish to pack :)

lets see what else is new? umm not a whole lot really. im all caught up with watching lost...too bad ill be on a plane wed night when the next new episode is on. i should prob go back and pay attention to my class now. ill probably have another blog update before i leave for my trip...although i cant imagine having a whole lot to say in the next few days. i dont know like usually i have some opinions to share but this is more just a recap of what i did the past week and no real thought put into this. i guess im in a blah-ish mood, partly from being tired, and partly with just this pointless few days back from a week off til im gonna be on another vacation. later...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

helloooo everyone. its almost 9 in the morn and im quite tired...for some reason whenever i intentionally try to go to bed early (11 pm) i end up not falling asleep for at least a few hours (1 am) so yeaaa im a bit tired this morning. just had my first class and god forbid we could have a class be mature enough NOT to throw paper balls at each other. sigh, i have this period off but then no more off cuz i gotta cover for some other class during my free period so that sucks...usually thats my time to watch some tv but i guess not today.

so this weekend was pretty good...i didnt work on friday...partly bc thursday was absolute crap and partly bc i wanted to head up to uconn earlier in the day to avoid hitting friday rush hour traffic going northbound. so i got up to uconn watched some scrubs with john, got me some dp dough (damn do i miss those calzones and stuff from wings). watched the last 4 episodes of arrested development with shaunzie murph and van helsing. great episodes but sad to see this show go...i mean theres a chance it could get picked up by showtime or something but im not real optimistic. ill miss that show greatly...good thing i found a new show that ive been watching to add to my tv schedule (more on that later).

then saturday after a nice lil lunch with burkey i went down to uri for what was supposed to be a sat/sun visit, but turned into a sat/sun/mon visit due to the 2 ft or so of snow they got in norwalk. there was only maybe like 7 inches in ri but im sure driving through connecticut wouldve been crap. but i had a pretty good time at uri. me and rachel went out to dinner sat night to some tavern i forget the name but it was pretty good, i had chicken and broccoli alfredo (surprise surprise i didnt eat the broccoli). a lot of tv watching over the weekend since we were pretty much snowed in. watched the complete series of the office (thats right 7 1/2 hrs worth!). did a lil snow shoveling...just a lil we got lazy/cold and took a break and never came back out. oh i also went to church sunday night interestingly enough...i probably hadnt gone since christmas so i felt some sense of accomplishment in going. but yea it was kinda chill bc of the snow...the people i met there were cool and nice but i didnt really know them (except rachel and laura) so it was kinda weird being there all weekend with people i hardly know but overall i would say it was a good weekend.

got back home on monday afternoonish time and pretty much did nothing. yesterday was big ol valentines day and sinc there werent any subbing jobs available i was stuck home doing nothing all day. i ended up watching something like 7 or 8 episodes of lost (at about 45 min each). its really an addicting show. ive found recently that watching shows people recommend to me usually are really good shows (ie scrubs, the office, and now lost). im a little over halfway through season 1 so i gotta catch up before ill be even with the episodes theyre currently showing cuz i dont wanna watch new ones bc itll ruin older ones for me. so yea that was my valentines...spent watching tv shows by myself...i dont remember what i did last assuming something similar...although maybe hanging out with friends since u do that kinda stuff at college. but yea i could get into all this anti-valentine stuff but to be honest its over with now and i just hope maybe next year will be better.

so thatd bring things up to date. it feels like its gonna be a long day, since its only 9 and im freakin exhausted. can nap for like half an hour when i get home since jeff has a basketball game at 345. so ill do that then probably watch the knicks game at 730, and lose interest by 8 since theyre so bad these days. apparently theres a steve francis to the knicks rumor going around which i guess wouldnt be too bad as long as we dont hafta give up channing frye. ok well time to wrap this up i dont really have much to say...ive been in a weird mood since yesterday and im kinda hoping itll just go away, and hoping today wont be as long as i anticipate. 2 weeks from today my ass will be on my way to florida though so i got something to look forward to. leave comments peoples! adios! (im teaching espanol today)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

havent posted in over a week so id figure id finally update this thing. ive been subbing for the same class for 3 days, actually like trying to teach the kids with some overheads and going over some problems. not a bad experience, it wasnt too hard getting them to take notes, but as for doing the work in the books and stuff not really getting much done. last week i think i subbed 4 of the days which wasnt bad. hopefully ill work all 5 this week, having already worked 3 of 3. this past weekend was a lot of drinking in sono. had a crap hangover saturday til late afternoon but that didnt stop me from going out again saturday night. sunday night was the super bowl, and for the third straight year the team i was rooting for lost. oh well maybe next year.

so lets move from the past and look toward the future. (the future conan?) yes the future, all the way to the year 2000. (in the year 2000, in the year 2000). honestly if u dont watch conan much all of that will make absolutely no sense to you. so anyway tonight im going to hartford for a uconn-syracuse game at 9. melissa had some tickets she needed to sell and i took them on, esp since i havent been to a uconn game yet this year even thouigh ive already gone to 4 knicks games. so that should be fun as long as we dont lose. this weekend should be fun too. friday night im gonna be going up to uconn to bid farewell to the best f'in show ive ever seen, arrested development. me shaunzie and murph and whoever else will watch the final 2 hrs of this (hopefully season, not) series. and just knowing how fox loves to give this show a chance in the ratings, theyre putting it up against the opening ceremonies of the olympics. im gonna assume most networks are probably just showing repeats of their shows, while our season finale gets stopmed into the ground. then saturday should be interesting, i have a semi-blind date with a gal ive been talking to online for a bit who i was introduced to through laura but never actually met in person. but i think it should go pretty good knowing the way we get along online and stuff. so yea thatll be over at uri then itll be back home sometime sunday. and theeeeen in a few weeks (first week of march) me and jeff (morabito, not little brother) will be heading down to florida for a few days to party and chill and stuff. staying with his brother so no hotel paying! itll be nice to get away from this cold weather for a bit and of course get out of norwalk.

so yea looks like i got some busy stuff coming up. should be all fun stuff though. its good to keep busy, otherwise i get bored just sitting around at home. ok well im gonna go get a beverage i think and do an online crossword before my last class...lata!