Friday, April 28, 2006

Hey all, so yea I'm bored in the library during a free period and it's a lil after 10 am. I updated on Monday and to be honest, not a lot's happened since then. Tuesday was probably my busiest day, when I had a job interview in New Haven (that I hope I get!!) and played poker (and lost pretty badly, although I did lose with an A-A to a K-Q when the other guy flopped a straight...ugh). But other than that it's been work and usually a nap for an hour or so when I get home, then sittin around watching tv and playing video games. I think I'm sick, I sound like crap and my nose is all stuffed up. It might be from this past weekend where we were outside all the time. So yea that isn't helping me be more active.

I'm still job searching, I found another job to apply to yesterday and I might go interview for one on Monday. Although it's a job I would like, the pay/hours plus the commute wouldn't make it too appealing though, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna go ahead and interview for it, it might just be a waste of time and $25 to take the train into the city. I'm supposed to hear back from the job I interviewed with Tuesday sometime toward the end of next week.

This weekend's pretty much up in the air for me as to what I'm doing. I may end up going to the casino tonight and meet up with my Uconn friends, but since Chris is busy I don't know if I'll find someone to drive up with, I'd rather not go up alone, especially since I usually come back with $100 or so less money than I had when I went up and that's just a sad, lonely drive home. So who knows, I might just end up in Sono tongiht, like seemingly every weekend.

So yeah, Norwalk High's pretty much made it impossible for anyone to access ANYTHING on these damn computers these days. I'm sure that within a week or so I won't be able to blog anymore when I'm on break at work. So basically I can't use AIM, meebo (this program that lets you sneak onto AIM that I was using before), myspace, facebook, ebaumsworld, and any type of games site. So I can't even kill some time by doing Sudokus!! Today I'm showing "The Core" to freshmen classes, and while the part I watched wasn't bad, I feel that by the fifth time I have to see the same part it won't be so enjoyable. I'm currently reading High Fidelity and I'm a little more than halfway through. If you've seen the movie, it's fairly similar, except takes place in England rather than the U.S. I find that reading books that are also movies, that even though the book's description of characters may differ from those in the movie, I still can't get rid of the image of the actor playing the character. Anyway, the book is really good, but that might be cuz I love the movie. So that's my "what is Pete reading these days" little part of this entry. I still have like 15 minutes to kill though...damn.

Well the weather's been getting warmer and it seems like summer is right around the corner. It'll be nice having a summer not working at Stews (with all those great 230-11 shifts!), although I hope I'm working somewhere. It should be nice to see some people who are away at school come back when summer starts. A lot of my friends at Uconn are graduating soon so hopefully there will be lots of graduation parties and stuff to attend. Kudos to all of you who are graduating...don't be like me and still not have a real job almost a year out of college!

I'm quite tired, I should spend my period off napping, but I don't know if that's allowed or where I would do it. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to last til 215 and sleep for a bit when I get home. Having last week off killed my sleep pattern cuz I was staying up later and sleeping in til later morning, and actually getting good amounts of sleep. Now that I'm not getting as much sleep, I need naps when I get home from work, but hopefully getting back into the routine of things will straighten that all out. Plus, when I'm not sick anymore it'll prob be easier to fall asleep and not tossing and turning most of the night.

Ok, well I got about 10 min left so I'm gonna randomly browse through the same internet sites I always check and see if anything new is up. I have a video and pictures up from spring weekend but I haven't linked them up or anything yet so I'll try and get on that this weekend at some point. Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, April 24, 2006

So first of all, I apologize if this is a somewhat unorganized rambling entry, I only slept about 4 hours last night (most likely due to messed up sleeping patterns on my week off and some anxiety that led to some restlessness), and the lack of sleep is really starting to hit me. Good thing in about 2 hours I'll be able to nap for an hour or two to try and get somewhat refreshed. All the partying this weekend probably didn't help matters but it was fun. I went up to Uconn with Chris and Colleen Thursday afternoon for Spring Weekend, and stayed til Sunday afternoon.

Instead of just recapping it night by night I'll just mention a few fun things from the weekend:
--whiffle ball game in which my team lost by a score of something like one inning I think we had about 5 errors leading to me getting frustrated and throwing about 1000 pitches that inning.
--my $12 medium pizza that Chris convinced me to get...note it was only 10 bucks but I was told to tip 2 dollars for a guy going to his car and giving me pizzas he already had with him.
--when finally given the chance to do a little DJing, I quickly got the group to turn on me by playing "100 Years" by Five For Fighting.
--I introducted college kids to the term "jump off".
--Singalongs of both Scenes From An Italian Restaurant and Bohemian Rhapsody, of which I'll have the videos of us singing online and linked as soon as I can.
--Interviewing drunk Uconn people asking them what they think of global warming, women's suffrage, and slavery among other things.
--Killing off a handle of vodka and half a handle of Kahlua in 3 nights by myself...oh and a gallon of milk.
--Wearing a sombrero Thursday night around Carriage.
--Lots of Wonder Showzen (THATS RACIST!!!!!)
--Far too much drunk dialing and drunk texting of people...I think my phone should be taken away from me once I hit a certain point in drinks consumed.
--Hearing about Murph's hatred of having his Constitutional rights fucked with by the Uconn police.
--Being betrayed not once, but twice by would-be beer pong partners
--Losing water for almost a whole day at Carriage leading to no running water, toilet use, or showers
--Taking a picture with Denham Brown and asking him several questions on Marcus White, and then afterwards asking Craig Austrie if he was from Stamford, screaming back at him "The City That Works!!!"
--Playing NBA Jam T.E. and NHL '95, winning the game with a Roenick goal in OT (its not so much me, as it's Roenick, he's good).
--Escorting 2 random girls back to their dorm since apparently I didn't look like the kind of guy who would do them wrong (it's kind of sad how harmless I look).
--There may be some more things, but I can't remember a lot from the weekend, which I don't know if it's a good or bad thing.

Anyway so that was my weekend, and it was ended with a nice dinner out with Melissa to Joe's Bar and Grill or something like that. It was in Fairfield and was pretty good...we ended up staying there like 2 and a half hours just talking and stuff. It was a nice relaxing end to an otherwise hectic weekend.

As for this coming week, I don't really have much planned, except that I have a job interview tomorrow. It seems like it could be a really good fit for me, if it's what I expect. It's a research assistant position for the Yale School of Pscyhiatry, and I think it'd be just doing things I did when I did that independent study type thing in college. I just hope the interview goes well cuz I'm tired of not hearing back from places, and even when I'm persistent, it just ends up the same anyway.

Other stuff on my mind at the moment...umm not so much, but that's probably just because I'm exhausted. I'll try and get those videos and some pics from the weekend up sometime today or tomorrow, seeing as I shouldn't be too busy. Alright well back to work, later.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday is the new Monday! Last 2 entries have been on Wednesdays, thats what I was getting at...

Ok so let's see what's transpired in the past week. Last Wednesday was a dinner and karaoke night. Me and Melissa went to Black Bear for dinner, (not for barring) and it was pretty good food and we got to chat a lil, which was nice considering most of the time we hang out it's in a noisy bar where it's not really ideal for getting to know someone. Then after dinner we met up with Melanie at karaoke and I sang Build Me Up Buttercup and Don't Look Back in Anger. The crowd was a bit more into the first one, I guess not too many Oasis fans at karaoke night. I think I'll probably go to karaoke tonight, see who's around and going out though first.

I don't think I really did anything Thursday night, besides watch the Knicks suck once again. But there was no work on Friday for Good (no, BEST!!!) Friday. I headed up to Uconn in the afternoon, and met up with Amanda for lunch and some Salvation Army shopping. I bought my buddies at 18 Carriage a New Kids On The Block VHS tape for $0.50. Oh and I also bought some random middle school shirt with all the kids names on it (like the Hooksett one!!). Oh and I ate meat (meatball sub) for lunch at Subway. Oh and I bought Wonder Showzen Season 1 on dvd (more on this later). Oh and no more "Oh's". So after lunch/shopping with Amanda, I went to Uconn and watched some Wonder Showzen and the M's-Sox game with the Carriage crew (plus Murph and Tuba). We (and by we, i mean pretty much only me and a few other people) drank a lil bit. Note to White Russian drinkers, putting a lot of vodka in and no ice is NOT very tasty. So yea it was kind of a chill night, we watched Ali G Indahouse later that night. Pretty funny movie, but not anywhere near as funny as the show.

Saturday was us going to the Sox-Mariners game in Boston. It was me, John, Tim, and the Evangelist. It was a really nice day, a little hot with the sun on us all game, but there was enough of a breeze to not make it uncomfortable. The game itself was kind of boring although the Mariners did win 3-0, with all 3 runs coming in one inning. Not a lot of offense really, and a lot of guys left on base for both teams. I would say the highlight of the game was Larry David sitting in our section. Ok, so it wasn't REALLY him, but I swear everyone agreed it looked exactly like him! I managed to sneak a picture on my camera phone, which I'll try to upload to my computer somehow sometime soon. John went up to him (after a few beers) and asked him if anyone ever told him he looked like Larry David, and he was like only about 100 times a day haha.

Here's Larry:

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John later bought him a beer, and the whole incident was quite comical. I had a few guys heckle me since I had my Ichiro jersey on saying things like "Ichiro's gay" and "Ichiro sucks"...yea those guys who win MVP awards and shatter the single season hits record they're awful. It took a while to get out of Boston afterwards cuz the f'in guy gave me shit directions and sent us all through Boston when there was an entrance to I-90 right near the parking place. So yea, I got home around 8 that night, in plenty of time to go out that night! The night's barring was kind of overshadowed by some drama between some people but it was still a pretty fun night apart from a few stupid things (some by me...doh), but not really a big deal.

Sunday was Easter, family came over, we had lots of food for dinner, etc. I got some candy (and a lil bit of a stomach ache) and some money, so it was pretty good. Oh and there was some church thrown in there in the morning. I'm pretty sure every song was title "Christ has risen today" of some variation. Guess there's a bit more Christmas songs than Easter ones. So that brings us to Monday, which was laundry in the morning, and street hockey in the evening. Since we had only one goal, me and Sal built one out of the old pieces of my fence we had torn down earlier and an old bed sheet for the netting. Yea it's ridiculously ghetto, and I'll try and get a picture of that up too sometime.


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So we got some people together and played once it was made and it was pretty fun. Would've been more fun if half my team wasn't sucking hardcore. Hopefully we'll play a good amount this spring/summer though, it's good exercise and I'm actually decent at it, as opposed to me and most other sports.

Yesterday was not much going on, I found some jobs online and applied to them, hopefully I'll at least get some interviews. Although I haven't had much success when I've gone on interviews, most of the times I haven't even heard back...sigh. But anyways, also poker night last night and I finished 2nd so woo woo I won my money back. And some gym during the day...not very eventful. Today I'm meeting Erin and Elisa at the Trumbull mall for some Chicken Teriyaki and jelly beans! And as said earlier maybe some karaoke tonight.

So that's pretty much up to date with things. Things going on lately include obsession over Wonder Showzen, which is pretty much a kids show (on acid) that's ridiculously offensive to pretty much everyone. My favorite scene is this guy "Mr. Story" who reads to a class of kids. Only he's reading to himself, and not aloud at all. And the kids are all complaining and he's like be quiet I'm trying to read. And then in his head he's like "they're buying it, they think I can actually read, I'm like their idol". Then it flashed to a picture of him with a tattoo on his arm that says READER...I swear it's like the funniest shit I've ever seen. There's a lot of other funny shit (kids on the beat, kids on the street, beat kids, BEAT KIDS!!). Also I've been watchin my Mariners quite frequently. They're 6-9 right now, which isn't bad, especially considering how so many guys (Ichiro, Beltre, King Felix) are underachieving and a lot of the losses are 1-run games. The AL West is all pretty much around .500 so who knows how this season will turn out, hopefully better than the last few!

So yea, this is a long post, sorry bout that my dedicated readers. I'm headin up to Uconn for Spring Weekend sometime tomorrow til probaly Sunday afternoon. I'm hella excited, it'll be good to see my Uconn crew, plus some people I haven't really seen in a while. My goal is to get a picture with "Big Ed" Nelson haha. Anyway, sorry if this wastes too much of your time. Leave comments yo! Next update will probably be on Sunday or Monday, hopefully with pictures too!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hey look its a new post and its not even a Monday! So yea, its Wednesday afternoon and I have had nothing to do since 1130...and won't until 130 so I got a bit of free time on my hands. But sadly not much has transpired in the past 2 days to write about so I'm gonna hafta just bullshit my way of killing time to at least pass some of this. So last night was poker night again and I actually won a few hands (finally). I finished in 4th out of 7 people (first 3 places won money...bah). I probably could've finished 3rd if I didn't try and make a move but as I said last night "I didn't come here to finish 3rd...I came to win!". So yea that led to me finishing 4th but hey I gave it a shot. I was in quite a few big hands, winning some losing the rest so I did ok.

There was also Scrubs watching when I got home which is always good times. The Mariners f'in lost again (5 in a row...that 3-1 start is quickly forgotten about). Hopefully they'll win on Saturday when I go to the game. The combination of a Mariners win and Red Sox fans being pissed off would just be that enjoyable for me. So yea I'm looking forward to this weekend quite a bit...well actually tonight too. I'm going out to dinner then hitting up karaoke with Melissa so that should be fun times. And I'm even driving tonight (what a rarity that is) so I'll hafta go easy on the White Russians. I'm gonna see if I can get one of the teachers that has no period 7 tomorrow (a bunch of them are going on a field trip so they'll have small classes too), as to get out early and get ready for the 3 day (err 10 day or so...its spring break!) weekend. And by get ready I mean take a nap and maybe go out Thursday night. If it's nice on Friday maybe I'll head up to Uconn in the afternoon and see if anybody wants to play some ball of the whiffle variety. I've actually been itchin to play some softball, but getting 18 people together to play doesn't seem like it'd be very likely to happen. But maybe some volleyball at the beach could be in the near future.

Oh and I don't know if I've mentioned this in past blogs, but I'm reading books these days! Well mostly because I just sit at a desk all day and sometimes there's no computer so I gotta do something from being ridiculously bored. So far I've read The Shining, Jaws, A Clockwork Orange, and I just bought High Fidelity yesterday. Ok ok, so they're all movies too, but they're all some of my favorite movies of all time so it's cool to read them and see how they are similar/different from the film versions. Plus it's easy to picture these characters cuz I just put the actors in their place, whether it be Robert Shaw (Quint is the fuckin bomb), Jack Nicholson, or John Cusack I don't know but I find it easier to picture everything. Maybe for my next book I read it'll be something that's not a movie (yet, at least). So if anyone has any suggestions on good books to read let me know. If they are bad books though I will hate you forever for wasting my time.

Alright well I don't have much else on my mind, sorry this is kind of a lackluster post with stuff I've probably already mentioned in other posts, but hey it helped me kill some time. So yea, hope this didn't waste anybody's time in reading this...lata!

Monday, April 10, 2006

So it seems to be a weekly update on Mondays for the past few weeks...I usually have time each day at work to write but not much happens during the week besides me watching tv shows at night and the occasional going out. So let's recap the past week now shall we? I don't think anything really happened on Monday, but Tuesday night I played poker at Germ's (apparently they have a game every Tues night), but sadly did terribly. It was a $20 buy-in, but alas I did not win a single hand (but I did have a split-pot on one of them!). (I like parentheses). So I'll probably play again this week and hopefully finish better than 5th out of 6 people. Wednesday night was karaoke night, and I must admit it was one of my better performances. I went with Tuba and we met up with Melissa Melanie and Sal...oh and MooMighty was there too haha. I sang Oh Sherrie by Journey, and while it seemed to take FOREVER for me to get called up to go sing, I tore that shit up! I don't know what to sing this week so if you got any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear what you recommend.

Thursday was good because the teacher I subbed for was one of Jeff's teachers AND she had no 6th or 7th period classes so basically I got out of school at 12 (but still get paid for a full day's work). I had a delicious prime rib sandwich from Quiznos, which I HIGHLY recommend, damn it is a delicious lunch. That's become my new favorite lunch place...I've actually tried to stay away from McDonalds and Burger King and ish like that seeing how horrible it is for you, and with me going to the gym a few days a week, it wouldn't really be helping in the whole "get into shape" thing. The weather wasn't as good as it's been the last few days or so. Hopefully this week will be warm so I can hit up the track in some nice weather.

So I guess this brings us up to this past weekend which was pretty good actually. Me and Bob went to the Knicks game friday night, and I definitely didn't have my hopes up that they would win (I just hoped they didn't get blown out). But yea, Jamal Crawford hit a shot with 0.5 seconds left in the game to win it and it was awesome. The place erupted when the shot went down, and I was definitely glad we went to the game. Saturday night me and Ant met up with Melissa and Melanie and then later a whole bunch more people came there (Laurie, Alex, Michelle, Kyker, etc). So it was good to see them too. Me and Melissa got our dance on for a bit then some of us came back to my house afterwards for Pop-Tarts and old yearbook reflecting. I really can't remember why I got the yearbooks out, I'm sure there was a reason though, maybe we were chatting about our days at Nathan Hale? So yea Saturday night was lots of fun. Sunday was chill day, went to the gym and ran a bit, and watched the Knicks (win) and Mariners (loss) games in the late afternoon.

So let's see whats coming up this week. There's no school on Friday for Good Friday so it's only a 4-day week for me, hooray! And then next week is spring break I believe so more time off (I'll prob be heading up to Uconn next Thursday for Spring Weekend anyway). So tonight will prob be a nothing night. Tomorrow night will probably be poker again (which means I'll hafta tape Scrubs). Wednesday will most likely be a karaoke night (and LOST!!!). Hopefully I'll find something to do Thursday since there's no school on Friday, and then Friday I think I'm gonna head up to Uconn for the night since me, John, Tim, and I think Tim's cousin are going to Boston Saturday afternoon for the Sox-Mariners game (I hope no one beats my ass if I wear my Ichiro jersey to Fenway). Then perhaps back home for a movie Sat night? Then Sunday is Easter so some family will come over and ish. So yea, I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend, it should be lots of fun and it's always nice to get out of Norwalk for a day or 2.

Alright well not much else on my mind at the moment, I'm actually really tired actually, and wanted quite badly to just shut my alarm off and skip work today but I figure I could just take a nap after work if I'm still tired then. Late nights this weekend didn't really help me catch up on sleep much. I've been getting up at 6 for a few months now, but really I still haven't gotten used to it. I miss those days at school where I'd make my schedule so my earliest classes would be at 11 am. Ok so this will probably next be updated sometime next week after Easter and all. Unless of course I have enough fun before that to write about it earlier so we'll hafta see about that. Oh and also, would it kill any of you to leave a comment once in a while, I feel like I'm writing these for nobody!

Monday, April 03, 2006

So it seems I get around to writing one of these about once a's not like I dont have time to write blogs, it's just I don't really have anything to write about if I wrote one every day or even every few days. So let's see whats happened in the past for the weekdays I can't really think of anything too eventful besides stuff that happened on tv. I went to karaoke last wed and sang ignition (remix), which was pretty damn entertaining if I do say so myself! I got heckled into having one last drink at the bar that night by a certain unnamed source.

This weekend was pretty fun though. Friday night we hit up black bear, well some of us, the others decided they were too cool and went to oneils instead. So me Chris and Germ went there, and Crissy and some of her friends were there (dont worry ill come back to Crissy later on). So we're waiting in line at black bear and some girl comes up to me and is like aren't you the dance contest winner?? So apparently some of these girls had attended Uconn and recognized me as the idiot who always dance at the Uconn basketball games/Marcus White Fan Club President. I tell ya, it's a small world! So we chilled with them for part of the night and hung out a lil after the bars closed down. But apparently at some point in the night, I got bumped into by someone and I spilled some of my drink on Crissy, which led her to straight up take her glass and just pour beer on my head...which looking back was a bit f'ed. I didn't even really remember it happening til she apologized the next day and I was like for what? OHHHHH. But yea, it was a pretty funny night, but too bad it led to a crappy hangover for most of Saturday afternoon, blaaah.

Saturday night was an oneils night, and it was like a damn high school reunion most of the night haha. Connor Phil and Ron were there, who I don't really see much anymore so it was fun to see those guys. Steph and some peeps were there too (well later in the night). After consuming a few White Russians (I like how I capitalize the name of my favorite drink, but not the name of the bars...White Russians are BIGGER than the bars!!), I hit up the dance floor with Melanie and Melissa...not gonna lie, dancing with two girls at once is fairly enjoyable. So yea, singing, dancing, drinking, seeing peeps from your childhood, it was a pretty good time. And to cap it off we went to PRDS afterwards. Melissa offered to let me drive her MANUAL car, but alas I had drank some and didn't wanna risk messing up someone else's car. So yea, me, her, Sal, Melanie, Jeff, and Eric went there and got some food. And apparently it was hilarious to see how much crap everyone could put into my glass of water I had. Ketchup, sugar, carrots, french fries, and I'm sure much more were all thrown in, then I get a dirty look from the waitress and she's like "so are you gonna throw that away?" like I'm the one who freakin did it! It is kinda funny, but not next time when I go and they spit in my food.

So that pretty much brings things up to date. Baseball season starts today, and I'm pretty excited. I bought the MLB Extra Innings thing for $160 (40 bucks cheaper cuz I bought it early), so I should be able to watch pretty much every Mariners game. I checked the first month and it's like 22 of 26 games will be televised which is much better than 0 of 26. I think they should be around a .500 team this year, they've sucked the last 2 or 3 seasons but I think that these young kids they got should be developing into some good players so I'm optimistic about our team for the next few years. At least we seem to have some promise of becoming better unlike some other teams which just seem doomed to suck for quite some time (*cough* knicks *cough*). Hopefully they'll do well this season though so every game won't be painful to watch like basketballs been this year. I'm going to a Knicks game Friday night against the Pacers, which HOPEFULLY won't turn into a blowout. It seems like every game is effortless for these guys, so I hope they'll at least try to not get killed. I think this'll be my last game of the season, and actually I just got these tickets for free, otherwise I probably wouldn't be going. I'll see what happens this offseason, and probably try and go opening night again next season and hope next year will be different.

I got about 20 minutes left before I gotta go back to my classroom, so let's see if anything else is worth talking about. I can't really think of much, but if anyone has any suggestions for good books to read that'd be cool. Reading while at work seems to make the day go by a lil faster, well at least since I enjoyed the books I was reading. But yea if you read this you should have a pretty good idea of the type of person I am and what I would enjoy reading so either leave a comment or IM me or something with some good books to read (if you own them and would let me borrow them, that would be even better). Oh and thanks to the people who clicked those ads, I'm up to like $3.50...woo woooo!!! Supposedly they're supposed to be customly related to the stuff that's on my page so if I talked about Snausages all the time then maybe they'd have some Snausage-related ads for you guys. But yea, the money I make from this will go directly towards buying more White Russians (so you guys all know now that it's for a good cause), and by buying more, probably like buying 2 after a few months when (or if) I can crack double digits.

Alright so I can't really think of anything else on my mind at the moment. I'm gonna go try and find something on the internet to kill 15 minutes. From the current trend of things, it seems like next update will be next Monday, but if anything comes up worth writing about I'll try and write before then. Go Mariners!