Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Humorous Stonehill Spring Weekend information...well maybe just funny because of how Uconn spring weekend goes, but anyway, its good for a few laughs:

In order to limit the potential for problems this weekend and increase safety on campus, the College has established the following policies and procedures concerning Spring Weekend. These policies are in addition to all regular College Policies and students are responsible for reading them and following them. All students are expected to carry Stonehill ID cards AT ALL TIMES.

*The campus will be closed to all but Stonehill students or registered guests. A limited number of guest passes are available on a first come, first serve basis and registration will be done on-line beginning April 8 and ending April 20 at No students may register more than 2 guests WHO MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. Students must know the name, college, home city/state and emergency phone # of guest. After registering on-line guest passes may be picked up at Commons Information Desk between 5 PM and 9 PM beginning Monday, April 19 and ending Thursday, April 22. GUEST PASSSES WILL ONLY BE GIVEN TO STUDENTS WHO ARE PURCHASING SPRING WEEKEND BRACELETS FOR THEIR GUEST(s). BRACELETS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT THE SAME TIMES AS STATED ABOVE FOR GUEST PASSES. CONCERT WILL LIKELY SELL OUT - NO SALES DAY OF OR AT DOOR!

*No CHANGES will be allowed on guest passes after 3 PM Friday, April 23. Requests for changes will be handled in the Student Affairs Office. Passes will be void if tampered with. Guests must carry their guest pass and a valid photo ID with them and be in the presence of hosts at all times. Hosts are responsible for any guest policy violation and guests found violating policies without their hosts must leave campus.

*Spring Weekend wristbands and Brother Mike's stamps are void if tampered with and will be confiscated with no refunds. Unofficial wristbands will be confiscated, students removed from campus and subject to disciplinary action. Students of legal age entering Brother Mike's alcohol service area on Saturday night on the quad must bring 2 forms of ID. Violators of Brother Mike's policies (entering underage, assisting underage enter, bringing alcohol in or out of area) will at minimum be removed, forfeit their wristband and fined $100.

A temporary campus- wide ban on GLASS BOTTLES, SQUEEZE BOTTLES& CUPS WITH COVERS will be in effect Thursday, April 22 at 2:00 PM through Sunday, April 25. Students found with these containers, regardless of age, will have the contents of the bottle/cup emptied. Other containers may be questioned at the discretion of Campus Police and Residence Life staff. Any student with an open container of alcohol will be in violation of college policy. Alcohol violations and sanctions occurring as of April 22 will be applied this semester and in addition possibly next semester depending on circumstances.

*BACKPACKS will not be allowed at any Spring Weekend event. College officials, Campus Police and Residence Life staff reserve the right to inspect backpacks on campus at any time during the weekend including those entering or exiting residence halls beginning Thursday, April 22 at 4 PM.

*Students and guests who bring alcohol into our event facilities, are severely intoxicated, become a behavioral or safety concern for Special Events staff, Residence Life or College Officials at any time during Spring Weekend, including the concert, will be removed from the event, forfeit their weekend wristband, and may be restricted from campus.

*RAFTS OR SWIMMING - In order to insure student safety no rafts or swimming will be allowed on any campus waterway. Anyone rafting or swimming will be trespassed from campus and face judicial action.
*BANDS or DJs - No live bands or DJs anywhere without prior permission from Associate V.P. or Director of Res Life.

*PARKING - All parking policies will be in effect. Students who park illegally, including in handicapped spots, on grass, on sidewalks, against buildings, etc, will have their car towed off campus resulting in a fee of $90.

*ROADBLOCK WILL OPERATE FOR EXTENDED HOURS BEGINNING FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 5 PM UNTIL SATURDAY MORNING AT 3 AM. IT WILL RESUME AT 10 AM SATURDAY MORNING UNTIL SUNDAY 3 AM. Protect your fellow residents and their belongings. Do not prop open entry doors to your building and lock your room doors.

Spring Weekend will be an enjoyable time if you take care of yourself, your friends and your campus as you attend terrific events planned by the Theme Weekend Committee of SGA. Questions about policies may be directed to the Student Affairs Office