Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hey not really an update...just a few links for you to enjoy:
  • here it masterpiece rocky 3.5 from last year!

  • really funny british kids show or something...freakin hilarious

  • he lieks milk

  • some quality trash talk goin on between the MWFC and some uconn players
  • Monday, March 22, 2004

    OK so it's been over a week since my last bloggage...and oh so much has happened since then. Sadly I can not mention everything that has gone down in the last week so I'll just mention a few quality moments in my good ol random thoughts format:
    --saw dawn of the dead with katie and alyssa on friday night...pretty good movie, good for some scares and action
    --also friday night was my first night out on the stonehill campus in an intoxicated state...not half bad...drunk katie always makes for some humorous moments
    --side note: stonehill parties card people to make sure they're not underage...stonehill college: the anti-party school!
    --ncaa tourney underway, and uconns goin strong! just like stanford and kentucky, oh wait they suck!
    --my tourney pics are winning thus far...go sweetney o-boards!
    --funny moment of the tourney: coach on tv signals an "X" with his arms to signal a play and katie yells out "RUFF RYDERS!"
    --over break i had katie make me a hat that says "relevant"...the irony being that it is not relevant at all!
    --also watched swingers again this weekend...such a brilliant many quotables and oh that jeremy roenick!
    --the key to a quality workout is cardio mofo!
    --waiting in line at mcmahon dining hall two times to get quality chicken marsala was so worth it!!!
    --i dont think ive ever heard a funnier nickname than "gentle ben" gordon
    --i am looking forward to future fizzination...spread the word!
    --crazy game of poker has a huge pot going to my brother after he beat my four 9's with a freakin royal flush in a game of 7 card stud
    --wanna go see the ladykillers this weekend...a role tom hanks was born to play, and that will make his performance in forrest gump seem like any role played by vin diesel
    --after attending a st patricks day party, i will never look at irish people the same way again
    --best revolutionary war quote: "i have not yet begun to fight"...please comment on your favorite anti-british quotes from that brilliant spectacle of a war
    --flock of seagulls is not only a brilliant band, but also an intimidating array of angry birds when they see food being thrown out of car windows
    --one month til spring weekend...concert of ludacris and kanye west...tho dont know if im gonna go yet
    --ralph corasaniti offered me a beer one night...i was touched and honored
    --theres probably a lot of stuff i forgot to ill add more if i think of any good ones...til next time...hugs and hand pumps...HAHA i hate when stuart scott says that...him and his damn freak lazy eye scare me!!!

    Wednesday, March 10, 2004

    here's a hump day recap of spring break thus far. for all you guys in exotic locations i bet you're jealous of the snow we got on monday and tuesday! yea thats right snow on spring break...aint that a bitch? so far the week has been pretty good...seen katie every day thus far and thats always a good thing. friday night was spent watching identity with katie. pretty good film if you havent seen it i would recommend doing it. nice psychological film with crazy plot twists and stuff...good shit. ok then saturday was veal marsala night! me and katie cheffed it up and prepared a delicious meal, which was then topped off later with delicious angel food cake...oh how im gonna miss this next week when im eating in south dining hall. sunday started off poorly with the uconn-syracuse game from hell. team really sucks ass when okafor isnt playing. if he cant play well in the ncaa tourney we got no chance. one would think that he could study a way to recover quicker from his injury! the day got progressively better and ended up with a movie date to see starsky and hutch. pre-movie domination of a game in the lobby won me a brand new watch that was working sunday night, but not working monday day. damn those movie theater watches! anyway, the movie was pretty good, not quite up to zoolanders level, but hey what is. some pretty good scenes in there...DO IT DO IT. that hansel is so hot right now. lets see what was monday...all these days are getting all mixed up cuz they were all basically watching some movie with katie with some video games, driving around, and shopping in between. so monday...watched the whole nine yards. had some visits to circuit city, best buy, old navy, and even the dentist that day! ok tuesday is more recent in my memory...lil jurassic park during the day, knicks-celtics game at night, then off to coldstone with katie, emily, joey, and emily for some ice cream. and i sampled the most bizarre flavor ive ever seen entitled "cake batter". to be honest, pretty good, but i dont think it would taste very good in larger servings. i had the ol white chocolate with butterfinger, but it was inferior to the peanut butter perfection :( alas, i finished off most of my ice cream and regretted my flavor choice. so that leads us to today. trip to the mall got me some delicious chicken teriyaki, jelly beans, 2 shirts from old navy, some hot photos (naughty but nice!), and aliens on dvd. pretty good time just walking around the mall with katie. and for all you dance contest winner fans out there, i invented a new dance move which will blow the dance industry away! alright so thats the week so far in the nutshell, doesnt sound too interesting, but im having such a good time just hanging around with katie all week, makes up for all the time away while at school. i just hope the rest of the week doesnt go by too fast. got the big east tourney comin up soon, good memories from last year MARCUS CAUGHT HIMSELF A TROUTMAN. alright so this is a bit long...ill update again when i have some more interesting (or not interesting) things to say. parting words: always remember to DO NICE!

    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    i dont feel like starting my stats homework yet so heres a lil blog update for u to enjoy/not enjoy. aside from my stat hw, im done with doing work til after spring break. finally done with all my damn exams, esp that stupid ass one last night when i had to go to the class and then take the exam that same night outside class hours. made me a bit pissed, but now its over and i could care less. the weathers finally getting warmer outside which is nice considering the crappy winter we had. the campus still looks like ass tho as now all the snow is gone and its muddy everywhere. 2 more days til im home, and i hope that this years spring break is as good as the last. had a blast in nyc going to the big east tourney with chris, john, and jay last year, even though we lost in the final round to pitt (we'll beat em this year!!!...maybe). too many quality signs last year, including an illustration of chevon troutman being on the end of a fishing line held by THE marcus white. and then the rest of the week i spent with some high school girl who i got to know more and more each day. even managed to get her to come watch swingers with me at my house. what a great week that was, and was even wrapped up with some kissing. i can already tell that this years will be even better. already got a starsky and hutch date lined up, and a veal marsala dinner for me. no exotic location, but norwalk does have its little quirks. anyways, ill keep this a brief one, maybe update it again before i leave for break. oh i almost typing this on my brand new toshiba laptop! downloaded almost 400 songs yesterday to get things a dvd burner on it too so maybe i can put some bootleg movies on dvd and watch it on my new dvd player. alright well now im really gonna go...lata!

    PS: lord of the rings suck!

    Monday, March 01, 2004

    alright lets do this! changed up the title of the blog...i dont think marcus would get it tho as he didnt know who he hate me was. not too much in the past few days. but friday night did consist of going to see club dread. and the more i think of it the more i realize how hilarious it was...oh that putman. those british tennis instructors with dreadlocks get me every time. and it only took about and hour and a half to find the theater with the help of patquest. good ride thought filled with the movie game. saturday had me venturing home to norwalk for little brothers 13th birthday. watched the uconn-villanova game with grandma and company. they had some troubles but in the end pulled it out with some great shots and 2 unbelievable blocks. probably the most exciting college game ive watched all season. other than that, good quality family gathering, ended off with me getting housed in poker, especially by pops who took like $50 of the $55 dollars on the table. i guess the sunglasses werent lucky for me this time. then sunday was too long of a day with errands and such and then heading back up to school. i think thats about it for the weekend. oh and add in the knicks losing yet again...the team angers me greatly. 5 more days til heading back home for break. should be a good time of hittin up norwalk with katie for tomfoolery and fun opposed to "no-fun"...oh that NNF! oh well...cant wait for break. sorry this is a weak blog but i felt as tho it should be done. no pictures of blackwolf this time...i know some of you will be disappointed. alright til next time, PLAY MARGARITAVILLE! (or pina colada burg or a darkness song)

    I believe in a thing called love
    Just listen to the rhythm of my hart
    There's a chance we could make it now
    We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
    I believe in a thing called love
    Ooh! Guitar!

    i guess the darkness wins this time...maybe next time coconut pete