Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hello all!

I haven't gotten around to posting lately (as usual actually), but today's slow at work and I want to kill some time. It's looking more like these blogs might only be once every few weeks or so which I guess is ok. The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. A few weeks ago I went into NYC for Laurie's bday celebration and lucky me they had a digital jukebox at the bar. So I put in about 10 dollars worth and pretty much DJ'ed a majority of the night. There was a lot of singing and dancing that night to say the least! So that was a fun night.

The next weekend I had some celebrations for my birthday with a trip to the casino Friday night, and drinking at my house then O'neils on Saturday night. I drank a lot. It was cool to see a bunch of my Uconn friends that weekend. Murph, Jenna, John, and Tim all came to the casino. Steve came down Saturday night. Then I saw Shaun and Jay on Wednesday for the Lost premiere (then again the next week when we went to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter at Toad's Place). Other people attended festivities to, so thanks Laurie, Karen, Jeff, Ant, Such, Tuba, Colleen, Michelle, Anthony, Ron, and Jeff B for coming out! I think that's everyone, sorry if I left anyone out! So that was fun. Tuba won 600 at the casino while I lost 90. It wasn't that busy there, and we had like 5 of us at a $6 blackjack table all at the same time, which was fun even though Laurie was heckling the dealer. Didn't get home til around 4 that night but it was a pretty good night, and good to see everybody. Saturday was some beer pong, Guitar Hero, and NHL '07 at my house for a few hours and then going to the bar afterwards. I drank beer most of the night, which allowed me to take lots of different shots including Jager, Jagerbombs, and Tequila (which I NEVER drink). I guess shots don't really mix well with White Russians because I would most definitely have puked if I was drinking those. That was a fun night and I didn't have too much of a hangover the next day which was enjoyable.

This past weekend we went out to Blackbear because Crissy was home and some other Uconn gals came down. Ended up seeing a lot of other people I knew there and found out Phil had our tickets to the Jets-Fins game that we're going to this Sunday which should be awesome (as long as they don't get killed). Saturday was a bit random, as my friend Jen from Uconn didn't have much going on so she came down for the night. We hit up SoNo as usual and we had a good time singing and dancing at the Loft to the great sounds of Fake ID (who by the way, shouted me out in their myspace blog for requesting Journey).

Went to comedy show Monday night in New Haven which was hilarious. I even got a DVD signed which was pretty balla. I'm sure there's been a lot more that's happened in the past few weeks but these are the events that stuck out in my head so I'm writing about them.

As for what's going on with me currently, I guess it's the same old stuff. Working most of the time, playing poker Tuesday nights, Lost on Wednesdays and assorted Happy Hours thrown in. Weekends you can usually find me somewhere in SoNo drinking. I'm now 23 years of age and really don't feel any different. Going from 22 to 23 isn't really a monumental age change, but I guess I'm getting older. Fun stuff. So yeah, not a whole lot going on differently from past months. I'm looking forward to the game Sunday, Halloween, Knicks home opener (Nov 4!!!!), and Thanksgiving "break" (hey 2 days of paid vacation will be quite enjoyable). Starting to get colder out, but still pretty nice, especially this past Monday was crazy nice out.

Alright, well seeing as I'm talking about the weather it seems like I don't have much left to talk about. I always try and push myself to do more entries (even if they're shorter) but I'm so lazy and I never get around to it. Usually when I have something to complain about or am really happy about something I'll do those blogs right away. So hopefully I'll be really pissed or really happy sometime soon to get another entry going.

So til next time, laterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.