Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello loyal readers. It's been about a month since I've written, I don't know why it's been so long, perhaps nothing interesting has happened. Anyway, I don't feel like recapping the whole month so I'll just go over the vacation I had for the past week or so and as to what the near future brings (lots of good stuff actually!).

So last Friday me and the fam (plus grandma!) headed down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit the cousins for a few days before going to the Dominican Republic on Monday. This short stay was mostly filled with me and the brothers playing Guitar Hero for hours, swimming in their pool (and making my little cousin cry by shooting him in the eye with a water gun), going out to eat, and watching an instructional magic dvd. Oh and there was also Bob doing shots with boxer/cousin(well his son is my cousin) Shannon Briggs and then throwing up all morning. Provided some solid entertainment. I now plan on purchasing Guitar Hero sometime in the near future, it's crazy fun and they have some great songs on there, including one of my all time favorites Ziggy Stardust. Also learned some quality magic tricks from Magic Frank including "talking crayon" and "how sweet it is". If you're lucky enough, perhaps I can dazzle you with either one of these phenomenal tricks. So that about sums up the stay down there, it was relaxing and it was a nice place to stay so it was enjoyable there.

So then we get to the more interesting tales, starting at the airport on Monday morning. So apparently my dad's birth certificate was missing a seal, as it was on his hospital form or some nonsense. Long story short was that basically he couldn't get into the DR unless he went and got a new passport which would've delayed him until at least the next day of getting there. So mom starts crying and it's kind of becoming a scene...freakin drama I tell ya! Eventually some guy there says he knows one of the people down there and just tells us to see them and it'll be ok. We end up taking a flight 2 hours later since the hold up made us miss the earlier one and get down there a bit later but at least still the same day. Also of note was that it was pretty easy to get in, nobody made a big deal of the certificate so essentially we could've gotten in just fine anyway, but overall at least we didn't lose the day. And mom has complained about this at least 10 times since it has happened. Which reminds me, I shall be having a special guest blogger sometime this week as mother kept a running journal of the vacation which I will publish later this week for you all to enjoy. Should be an interesting read.

As for the time in the DR, the first few days were filled with mostly going to the beach and pool areas and having some (FREE) drinks. There was a casino there and I lost probably about 200 or so bucks the first 4 nights, which was kind of a bummer, but I was drinking lots for free so the losses weren't as bad. I talked to some girls down there for a bit but you know my luck nothing happened with any of them. Well most girls down there were with somebody anyway so it wasn't as easy as it had seemed. I was kinda bummed about that but alas I shall live. I drank a bit much one night and had a nice hangover most of one of the days. We played volleyball that day on the beach and some highlights was me and the two brothers playing with like 2 7 yr old kids against pretty much all adults. And later when the teams were switched up Jeff spiked the crap out of the ball into some kids face ahaha. I applauded it. I should also mention the place we stayed in was BOMB. We had a freakin jacuzzi in our room, and I spent the first night there drunk, watching the Mariners game in the jacuzzi, does it really get much better than that? I also started watching this show Lucky Louie on HBO which is pretty funny and if you have HBO you should check it out. There was a karaoke appearance by me one of the nights where I sang Tiny Dancer and The Humpty Dance, where I got a good ovation from the crowd which was appreciated.

On Thursday it was rainy off and on so I spent that time checkin the email and surfin the web for a bit. I managed to locate the gym at the resort and did some treadmilling for about 45. I know it's not much but I was glad to do SOME exercise on my vacation. I'm actually going to try going to the gym in Fairfield after work some days since I haven't gone in about a month. I probably won't get home til about 7 each day by doing this but it'd be better than waking up early in the morning to go. So we'll see how that goes. Friday was my favorite day of the trip, me, the brothers and pops went ATVing. It was a lot of fun riding those things and Jeff made a name for himself in the group by driving like a nut and eventually turning his ATV over onto him. Somebody had cut him off and he swerved out of the way and ran into a tree and the ATV went on top of him but luckily he was ok and was all laughed at later. There's also video footage of Bob going off the track at one point which I can try to get up on Youtube sometime. Friday night was another casino night and this time my luck changed and I ended up winning 70 bucks back. So for the week I probably lost about 100-150 which isn't that bad I guess spread out over 5 nights. So that was my favorite day.

We came back on Saturday and I'm not really tan but I'm not burnt either which is good since I usually get sun burnt more than I tan. Overall it was a pretty good trip, a few lowlights but that's to be expected. I got a Presidente t-shirt, which is the only beer they have there (I had about 25 or so on the trip). It was really nice weather down there and in Florida as opposed to the hella hot weather I heard was going on in CT last week. There's probably some more funny stories from the trip but it's hard to remember them all looking back after the whole thing. Perhaps mother's diary will include some stuff I forgot about.

So as to what's coming up in the future for me. In the distant future...about a month and 2 weeks I'll be turning 23 hooray! Nothing really planned and don't know if I'll be doing anything but hey it's a once a year thing and I'll find some way to have some fun. This Thursday me and Jeff (friend my age, not brother) are going to see the Roots and maybe some Uconn peeps will be meeting there as well which should be a kick ass concert. Also I'm going to see Dave Chapelle stand-up sometime this month with Amilcar and some peeps which should be fun. Some kick ass movies are coming out like SoaP and my most-anticipated movie in quite some time...BORAT which comes out in November or something, I cannot wait. I think I'm also going to go to a Bluefish game with Melissa sometime this week (we said maybe Wed or Thurs but now I remember I have the concert Thursday so maybe Wednesday) and hopefully she will not force me to eat a ridiculous amount of hot dogs like some of my so-called "friends" did last time I went.

So that's about it. I gotta get ready to get back to work tomorrow, and catch up on all the fun I missed at SSI this past week. I'll have pictures up at some point, as well as mom's diary and I'll put it in my profile as to when those have been added. Until then, enjoy this blog (well you already have read it so hopefully you enjoyED it)!